Our Day of Rest

Today there are mounds of laundry beckoning, a birthday party to finish planning, floors to be cleaned and kiddos to be entertained as we prepare for the Great Snow Storm of 2011! Dun-dun-DUUUUUNNNNNNN! (The ice has already begun…ick!)

However, despite all that stuff, I want to remember our fun day yesterday. We checked out a new church here in St. Charles called Refuge and we really enjoyed it! The church reminded us of our church back in WA, Renovo, and it actually felt like home right off the bat. We feel like we need to attend a bit more to get a better picture of what they are doing, but we are excited to see what God does there!

Afterwords, we brought the boys “home” (my parent’s house for now) and then headed out to do some house hunting in St. Louis County. We saw a lot of potential around us, but nothing that fit what we were looking for in a home. I mean, if you want a “fixer upper” and you have the time and the money to dedicate to a home, then you can find a gem of a home for cheap! However, we don’t estimate having that time or money for a while. We need move-in ready. Jeremy wants to go back to school this fall and I know that having a house that needs TLC doesn’t really work with a full-time work and school schedule! Isn’t that what Extreme Home Makeover contestants always seem to have happen to them?  It’s like we are asking for some extreme sickness….no thanks!

We are back to the drawing board in our house hunting journey, but we don’t feel hopeless. We know better what we want and what we don’t want. I don’t know if we will be able to get out again this week with all this weather headed towards us, but I’m hopeful!

We were done with our house adventures around 5 yesterday and the kiddos were still busy having fun with their grandparents, so we took the opportunity to go out to dinner together ALONE! I can’t tell you how great it was to be spontaneous and to go out for a meal alone! All alone…Did I mention we were alone? We shared a delicious steak at Texas Roadhouse. It was pure heaven! When we got back to my parents house that night, the kids were fed and bathed and in their jammies. It was so great! After being away from family for all these years, it was so nice to enjoy their help and spend some time together reconnecting.

These past few weeks we’ve had some bumps and skids along our path. Our whole family has had so many adjustments to make and yet, there will be so many more ahead of us. Right before we left WA, our pastor preached a sermon and spoke of our propensity in life to be unsatisfied with the present. We make statements like “when I have this, I’ll be happy” or, “when the kids are out of diapers, then we’ll have fun”, or “when we get this job, this degree, this age, we’ll be better off”. He challenged us to take a look around now, right were we are and see what God has for us in THIS place. Dan Allender has a quote in his book, Bold Love, that has always challenged me. He says, “We are called to playfully risk our lives wherever we are planted.” I would add to that “where ever and WHEN ever”.

Yesterday was a great day of rest for us. A day to just be right where we are right now. Homeless. In transition. But seeking God’s face and His will for our lives. He is the one who will determine our address, he is the one who will determine what we drive and where we worship Him. So for now, I’m going to keep praying that He would show us the way and that we will see His hands and His face right now, in the here and now of a little chaos.

Boys and Their Toys

We’ve been looking at houses while living here at my parent’s since our move back to St. Louis 2 weeks ago. Some of the houses have 3 bedrooms and some of them have 4 bedrooms. I’m all about a 4 bedroom house…especially if there’s a basement! Anyway, while we are here, the boys are sleeping in bunk beds and sharing a bedroom. (Chase made the move to a Big Boy Bed like a real champ!) I never had many doubts on whether this would go well or not. They are always in each other’s rooms anyway regardless of whether they share one or not. Additionally, Cooper and Chase are pretty good friends and seem to genuinly enjoy one another (most of the time).

However, the issue that keeps coming into my mind as we are here and once we move into a new house is this; do I keep the boys in the same room and make another bedroom a play room just for toys etc.? I wonder if it would really work. Would they actually play in there or would the toys just keep migrating throughout the house?


I mean, it would be awesome to have a play room to clean up rather than their bedrooms when we have company over. It seems to me that when I was a kid, I loved my bedroom. I was in there playing with my toys all the time. I don’t understand if it is an age thing with the boys or if it is just because of how social they both are. So here’s my question to you people out there with kiddos. What do you do? Do you have your kids keep their toys in their room? Do you have another place that you have them play? What is really working for you?