I Did It!

Yesterday, I ran my first real 10K race! It was the You Go Girl! race in downtown Tacoma. All the monies raised went towards the YWCA women’s shelters in the city.

Me and Jeremy with our post race high!

It all started when my friend Shari asked a bunch of her friends to run the race with her. You’ll remember that I don’t love running, so it was quite a challenge for me to agree to this race! But, we trained all month long at the Lake’s Highschool track and then together we ran the race! A lot of our hubbies ran with us and donned their best pink attire to show their support. Jeremy found a super tight women’s athletic pink t-shirt and wrote all kinds of stuff on it. The front said “I’m with her” and had an arrow pointing to me, then underneath it said “yes, I know I’m lucky”. The sleeve said “My Wife Rocks” and the back said “Team Nevil, Est. 2002”.

The t-shirt seemed to give him the same powers that puppies and babies give to single guys. All the women kept giving him goo-goo eyes and saying “Oohhhhh! <squeek!>how saweeettt” and icky stuff like that. I’m pretty sure he could have had all kinds of girls phone numbers after the race if he wasn’t busy being gaga all over me. He he he he he he…

Our Team-I was trying to fix my scarf and didn't realize the guys was taking the pic!

Anyway, the race was hard! Downtown Tacoma is very hilly and I tried my best to run the hills. Generally I ran 5 of the 6.2 miles of the race. I ran as much of each hill as I could; sometimes that was the whole hill and sometimes it wasn’t! It was also pouring down rain most of the morning. Remember how much I didn’t like running in the rain when we were training? Well, turns out, doing the actual race in the rain was pretty fun. It kept us from getting too hot and it was kinda nice once you got over all the stuff in your head about how soaking wet you would be. Once you know you can’t do anything about it, what’s the use in crying over it, right?

I did love the race even though I had to dig down deep to keep going many times. I told Jeremy it is definitely something I want to keep doing. In fact, there’s a race around Thanksgiving that’s a 5 K that I’m totally wanting to run! I felt so amazing after the race that I finally understand the whole “I love running/I hate running” thing. In fact, there was a t-shirt for sale at the race that said just that!

So, I think that indeed, after doing the race I can say that as I am getting better at running, I am liking it more. I want to keep going for sure. I’m excited to do another race and to keep on training! WAHOOO!

YAY Team Nevil!