A Glimpse Into Our Lives

Dinner Time Conversation in the Nevil House…

Chase wants to be a drummer….

Chase throws a fit…

Mom attempts to get Chase to open one of his birthday presents…(thanks Papa and Gma Nevil! thanks also to the Wagner’s-that’s the present Coop is opening in the background.)

Last night was Cooper’s Easter school program and he was HILARIOUS! I have to figure out how to get it off the video camera and onto YouTube. I’ll work on that this afternoon during nap and try to post it by Friday. Check back!

Seattle Birthday Fun

Yesterday for my 31st Birthday, I had a fun “grown-up” girls day in Seattle with my best friend, Crystal. I say “grown-up” because being the only adult in the house makes you REALLY appreciate time with fellow adults.  Case in point: my adult friends do not think I am a jungle gym, they do not pull my hair, they do not complain about my cooking and they do not hand me their boogers/previously chewed food items.

Ahem….anyway, the Food Network has this fun show called “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” and it features popular chefs talking about the stuff they like to eat and where they like to eat it.  One episode was on fried foods and featured a restaurant in Seattle owned by Tom Douglas called “Lola’s”. They have these handmade donuts that are made fresh and brought out warm, in a paper bag laced with cinnamon and sugar and two little dipping thingies of vanilla marscapone cheese and some sort of cranberry gooey stuff. They looked so heavenly! And they were calling to me….

so we ate them!

Crystal has the pic of the donuts on her camera…whoops! But here you can see a cinnamon and sugar laced Lola plate…so, you know they were good.

Crystal at Lola's
Me at Lola's!

After we had breakfast (we did order more food than that 🙂 ),we both mentioned that we needed to stop in the ladies room on the way out. My Mommy Brain was apparently still in tact so I told Crystal she could go ahead and go and I would wait here, then when she got back I would go. She looked at me like the alien I was and said, “why?….can’t we both go together?” AH! I had totally been in Mommy mode so long that I forgot I was sans children and I could do whatever I wanted! HA! I know…it’s the little things.

But this is where I cracked up. I went into the very nice ladies room and saw this…

A BIDET! (Notice the towels!)

I know this shows how unrefined I am…but I cracked up laughing! Crystal was a little weirded out when she saw my flash go off while I was in the bathroom…he he he he he but come on! I thought of you Jeremy!

Standing next to the neon Lola Sign

We went and hit a couple more hot spots, like the Dahlia Bakery. At that point, I wished I was still hungry, but no dice. We walked past Serious Pie, the Dahlia Lounge, and a bunch of other fun stuff on our way to Pike Place Market. It was a BEAUTIFUL day to be downtown.

Once at Pike, we strolled around and looked at all our favorite stuff, got some flowers, hit a fun chocolate place and got some salted caramels (to DIE for!) and then it was almost 1 pm. We made the hike back up towards the car, but I had to stop at one more place….

Tiffany at Tiffany and Co.

I mean how could I NOT stop there guys?! We headed back towards town together, tired (Seattle is so hilly) and ready for a nap…I mean to pick up on the Mommy duties…yeah.

And here is the reward for my Mommyness on my birthday,

flowers for my birthday from Cooper

dandelion flowers harvested with a precious heart by Cooper. He rushed into the house telling me he had my birthday present! Isn’t he so precious?

Pike Place Flowers

And here are my flowers “from Jeremy” he he he he he. I always say that when I buy flowers for myself. 😀 Technically, he did buy them for me!

It was a great birthday and although I was a little sad last night to be missing my best friend, Jeremy, I had a wonderful day and felt super loved. Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone! Thank you Shari for watching the kiddos for me and thank you Crystal for my special day!