Never Gonna Give You Up…

You know you love my Rick Astley reference….

Anyway,I have begun so many blogs in my head since my last post two weeks ago. But alas, my time has just not permitted! So the blogs just sit up in my brain somewhere, lost in the shuffle of all the other stuff banging around up there. I have reminded myself recently of this time in a woman’s life when she is post partum. It has this hilarious tendency to just. drag. on.

Cecelia is six months old next Tuesday and I JUST got her birth announcements out. This should tell you something…Thank you by the way, to the people who sent cards or made kind comments about them. You are gracious friends!

As I’ve run around trying to figure out how to rearrange the day and get back some time to accomplish the fun things in my life as well as my regular responsibilities, I’ve contemplated giving up the blog.  I can’t always get to it regularly.  But, whenever I go back and look at past posts I am reminded why I do this: it is a little glimpse into my crazy, ordinary life and that is extraordinary. I am always refreshed and renewed after I read the places we’ve been/I’ve been since I started this blog in ’07.

So, I am going to be sporadic in my posting for a bit longer. For those of you who faithfully hang with me, thanks for reading. It’s always encouraging to see that you “liked” a post or even better yet, commented on one!

Until then, I’ll leave you to continue picturing Rick Astley singing and doing that weird sway dance….I’ll be back soon…


A Post Spring Break Post

It’s Monday morning after a two-week long spring break here in the Nevil household. It’s nice to get back into the swing of life. I loved the pre-summer peak spring break offered and I’m totally excited that there’s around 9 weeks of school left. I really like having Cooper around. I miss him even though I have fun with my little Chase. I really like my munchkins.

In fact, I thought for sure when I told Cooper on Saturday that he had school Monday, I would get a sigh and a sorrowful reply. Nope. He cheered. Ahhh….he’s a kid after my own heart! He was so excited to go back. That says so much about his school and especially his teacher!

Can you believe it’s the last week of March already? What in the world! I can’t believe how fast it went. April will be here on Sunday! Which means our little bun in the oven will be here soon too. EEECcckkkk!!!!

This weekend, I literally woke up in the middle of the night in a complete panic. I was convinced I was in labor. I wasn’t, but a little middle-of-the-night stupor does that to a girl. I was having some BH contractions, which I’ve been having more often lately.

I keep realizing all the things I’ve forgotten to get out or that I will even need. For example, I did not register for a single baby blanket. What the heck? I do realize that all the blankets I have are blue with tractors, footballs, firetrucks, etc. on them, right? No, no I didn’t until 2 am one night. Shew. Thank you Lord for hormones that make me realize how ditzy my prego brain has been! Don’t worry, I do have some white blankets and some blankets from when I was a baby. And she’ll be born in late April/early May so it’s not like she’ll be COLD. It’s St. Louis! We’re having the warmest spring on record here too. Oh and my friend Courtney made me the CUTEST baby blanket ever…so I’ve got that going for me! Thanks again Court!

Anyway, that’s my random Monday post. I haven’t had a cohesive thought in my little head in a while. No promises on what the next few weeks of posts will hold. I’m a woman full of hormones!