Frostbitten Fingers and Toes

I do not like winter. I like snow-because it actually makes winter pretty. But otherwise, I don’t like winter. I am ALWAYS cold in the winter. My fingers, hands and toes are usually so cold that my phone doesn’t even recognize I touched it. If I attempt the self-checkout line at the grocery store, I have to blow on my hands so that the screen will register that I’m trying to use it! I usually put my cold feet on my sweet hubby’s back when we get in bed…to which he squeals about how he can’t believe I’m alive AND have appendages that cold.

Our family recently saw Frozen in theaters…and OH! how I loved this song that the snowman, Olaf, sings in the movie! I laughed SO hard!

But seriously, I’m so ready for this cold to break! I can’t even handle all the bundles and layers. I’m dreaming of bbq’s in the back yard, of the way sunshine feels as it is beating down on my skin (I know…probably giving me skin cancer), the smell of sprinklers on a summer night, evening walks  in our neighborhood with the fam, cute little kids sopping wet and ice tea, GREEN things….

I’m really glad it’s almost February and I’m praying for an early spring. Not the freezing cold spring we had last year, but a quick warm up. I’ll take a spring of 65 degree days and 35 or 40 degree nights please.

Ok, stepping off my soap box now.

Snowmageddon 2014 and “Forward”!

Man, there is nothing quite like 4 straight snow days to remind you that you are a creature of habit! 14″ of snow later, we are finally dug out, thawed out, and cleared out. I sent my eldest off to school today with a skip in my step. Not because I don’t want him around, but because I enjoy having a reason to get up and get moving. Without that reason, I’m in my jammies till at LEAST 10:30 am. I know. You hate me.  I’m ok with that.

The view of our street on snow day #3 (it took a long time for the snow pack to melt or get scraped up!)
The view of our street on snow day #3 (it took a long time for the snow pack to melt or get scraped up!)

So, while I do love routine and was very happy to get back into the saddle today, Snowmageddon 2014 was a blast with my little people! The boys had rough patches like all siblings, but they got along very well and genuinely enjoyed each other’s presence throughout the break. They beat 2 video games in that time! All the snow and days off had Jeremy and I talking about a few things. We decided the following:

1)We need snow pants and boots. For Realz…because if our kiddos want us to play outside in the snow with them, we want to be as warm and dry as they are in their snow suits.

2) Although we have no reason to move, we really, really, really love snow and would enjoy living in a place where there was lot’s of it often.

3) I know people are super scared to drive in the snow, but we both love it! Mind you, we have a vehicle that can handle the snow very well. So that’s a large portion of it. I love how quiet and bright everything is. The snow insulates sounds so much -and the decrease in traffic is so lovely! It just makes me feel like the Earth is covered in God’s majesty.

If you read my post about my favorite surprise snow we experienced back in December, then you’ll know that I felt a special attachment to all this fresh snow. Although it was not as pretty and sticky as that one was, it was still very welcomed by me and my family.

The other thing about all this snow? I got SO MUCH STUFF DONE! I think my favorite thing about winter is all the organizing and cleaning that gets accomplished. Stop. Don’t puke on this point. I play and act irresponsible and go-go-go all summer long with my kids. It’s like one non-stop roller coaster of fun. And I LOVE it. But there is so much stuff that gets chucked into some room that happens to have a door attached to it in that time period. Winter is my chance to do inside things. DIY, fix things, create, clean, organize, do projects.

Currently the projects I have in progress are:

-cleaning and organizing our work/craft room (75 % done)

-de-cluttering and organizing the office area in the Den (90 % done)

-getting rid of the immense amounts of baby stuff we don’t need anymore (50 % done)

-going through everyone’s closets and getting rid of the things that are worn out, outgrown, or not needed (10 % done)

-going through all the toys and what I call “skimming off the top” of things not needed (ugh…not started)

-painting the kitchen (not started)

-touching up paint in the den on the fireplace and on my fun chevron wall (not started)

-painting frames and items I’ve been saving for my dining room (not started)

-DIY’ing the hutch to spruce it up a bit (15 % done)

-working on my photo books (I’m now 3 years behind. Sigh)

That last one makes me want to puke. Mostly because I have so many cute pictures I want printed out! I adore looking at our life in picture form year-by-year. I will overcome!

Anyway, that’s my crazy-mind and home right now. That and continuing in my resolve for the new year we’ve entered. My 3 things are going well! Not perfect. But I’m so encouraged by 2 statements:

-Present over Perfect
-Imperfect progress

Ann Voskamp has focused on the word “forward!” for 2014. And it’s that same idea. I’m pressing on-moving forward. It’s not perfect but it’s progress. I’m learning to be grateful and to be present and my joy is increasing!


P.S. Cecelia is talking in FULL sentences. FULL. I’m not kidding you. It’s killing me with how cute it is, how articulate she is, how well she knows what she wants and how determined she is to get it. Potty training will be happening early for this one. Otherwise, I’m in trouble.