Church Mafia

A lot of you know (yet some don’t) that I use to work for our church back in St. Louis. There are a lot of funny things you see and experience when you are on staff at a church. The inside jokes abound…so when I saw this post over at Stuff Christians Like…I thought I would burst at the seems with laughter. Jeremy seriously shushed me because we had put Coop to bed and he would obviously hear my extreme laughter…as would the neighbors.

We, of course, had a little fun guessing who these people were at our old church. Which is always great fun. We laughed- a lot. (Let’s not name names kids…though it is tempting…) But on a serious note (you’ll have to read the post I linked to now), I really hope the hint of seriousness in the end is true of the church. The longer I am a Christian, the more grief my heart experiences over the state of God’s church in the United States. If I ever go back to school, I’ll go to a seminary or equivalent and write my thesis on the state of the church in North America. It is a subject that fascinates me and deeply troubles my heart-seriously.

So while we have a little fun laughing (hysterically) at this post and how funny inside church-type stuff is, at the same time I do wonder where the community of God is headed. Underground? Into homes? Time will tell.

McCain’s Pick for VP and other Random Stuff…

I know only some of your are interested in politics (though I think you should all be FASCINATED with it and pay lots more attention than any of us do), so thanks for bearing with my interest in the world of politics. Incidentally, I would love to know what you guys think of McCain’s VP pick?

I can’t decide yet. Although Fox News likes her a lot and is saying McCain is a genious etc, I’m hearing some other things about her too. So far, I like the idea of her and I especially like how conservative and just “average” she strikes me at first blush. Meaning, I feel like I can relate to her an awful lot on a very surface level. But more research must be done. I’m a little scared for her…I wonder if her debate skills are any good.

Anyway, I just want to remind myself that I have lots more I’ve been wanting to talk about up here…but I haven’t been feeling very good the last couple of days and we’ve been out and about. So note to self, talk about MOP’s coming up, baby stuff, child rearing (I am reading Baby Wise II) and social stuff I’ve been pondering. I seriously will forget guys…you know my pregnancy brain of late!

P.S. Jason Starbuck, I love the urbandictionary site! Thanks so much! And the definition for kitchy is PERFECT! I’m so encouraged to know I’m in fact, NOT making up nonsense words. For the official definition gang, here ya go: “Cheesy, campy. Think Precious moments, Donny and Marie Osmond, ABBA”…