We’ve been looking at houses while living here at my parent’s since our move back to St. Louis 2 weeks ago. Some of the houses have 3 bedrooms and some of them have 4 bedrooms. I’m all about a 4 bedroom house…especially if there’s a basement! Anyway, while we are here, the boys are sleeping in bunk beds and sharing a bedroom. (Chase made the move to a Big Boy Bed like a real champ!) I never had many doubts on whether this would go well or not. They are always in each other’s rooms anyway regardless of whether they share one or not. Additionally, Cooper and Chase are pretty good friends and seem to genuinly enjoy one another (most of the time).

However, the issue that keeps coming into my mind as we are here and once we move into a new house is this; do I keep the boys in the same room and make another bedroom a play room just for toys etc.? I wonder if it would really work. Would they actually play in there or would the toys just keep migrating throughout the house?


I mean, it would be awesome to have a play room to clean up rather than their bedrooms when we have company over. It seems to me that when I was a kid, I loved my bedroom. I was in there playing with my toys all the time. I don’t understand if it is an age thing with the boys or if it is just because of how social they both are. So here’s my question to you people out there with kiddos. What do you do? Do you have your kids keep their toys in their room? Do you have another place that you have them play? What is really working for you?

2 thoughts on “Boys and Their Toys

  1. It’s still a dilemma for us. We live in a 3 bedroom house and just moved all 4 boys into the same (largest) room so that we could turn the former baby room into a guest/book/music room. They have some toys down in the basement and the rest in their room, ideally stored under the bunk bed. While toys still make their way out to the living room I’m finding that they’re playing more and more in their bedroom. That’s what’s working for us right now, though when the weather warms up and the basement isn’t as cold we’ll probably migrate more toys down there.

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