Cobblestone Road Photo Shoot

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Our friend, Jen Crowe, is an excellent photographer! We met her at Refuge (our home church) and have enjoyed getting to know her and especially having her take our family photos. This makes the second time we’ve used her for such an event and we are so happy with the results!

These pictures were taken when Cecelia was roughly 3 weeks old. I’m selfishly happy that I look like I do 3 weeks postpartum. Cecelia is now 6, going on 7 weeks old and the difference those 3 or 4 weeks has made is pretty amazing! I’m so glad we have these pictures to remember her newness and her fragility. She’s so tiny!

Here is Jen’s website if you are interested in seeing more of her work or even utilizing her talents for your own enjoyment!

Pie On My Mind

Happy Friday! This cooler weather we are having in MO is making me think that fall will be here soon. (But um, it IS going to get up to 87 next week…so all you “fall” people chill out.) Fall makes me want to do 2 things:

1. go shopping

2. bake.

The hubb’s isn’t a big fan of #1. But he is a fan of the other. I still have to shop though…just for supplies. Somehow that is more palatable to him.

Today I posted on my cooking blog all about my list. Check it out and tell me what you love to bake in the fall!