Moving Day is Definitely Set

So, it’s Wednesday and yesterday I talked to good ole’ Katie at the Housing office. She told me that the family currently living in our soon-to-be home is not moving out until June 29. The inspector that looked at the place estimated it taking about 2 weeks to complete all the repairs necessary. Which means the July 16 date stands. Bummer. Katie said that we may get to move in a little earlier if the crew finishes up early, but it’ll only be a few days earlier. (Should I rent a UHaul anyway now?) She also said that they don’t have any pictures. But she said the ones online are accurate to our floor plan. So go out to this here website to see pics and the floor plan. Scroll down though – it’s plan #23 with each floor being 712 sq. ft.  I’m so excited I can hardly stand it! I want to move! But when I counted how many days until we move (48) I was so sad. My lip is hanging out a little right now. 😦

Oh well, I mean, I know this is God’s timing. I know that just because it’s not how I would have done it doesn’t mean it isn’t good or just right even. And hey, there are lots of pluses to this situation: My mom-in-law and niece will be here while it is happening. So Cooper will have familiar faces around during another stressful situation (poor kid!). He’ll have Grandma and his fun cousin. So they will be a huge help to relax him and encourage him that everyone he loves is still around…we’re just changing location…again. (And this time he gains a big house and a yard to play in plus endless playgrounds, friends and airplanes and helicopters flying overhead at various times!). Plus we have a nice string of family coming in town starting at Marsha’s visit in July all the way through October!

It really will help to make things lighter and maybe even fun! And I can’t complain about having help with setting up my new house. And we WILL be in our new house for Cooper’s 2nd birthday – so that’s fun too. And in the mean time….I have full access to the pool here at the apartment for another 48 days. 🙂 Maybe I should cheer up, huh? (and go buy a swimsuit ’cause all ours are in storage along with the rest of our summer clothes…)

Today, a gal from the Parents As Teachers program that Ft. Lewis offers came to the house to pay Cooper a visit. (she said he’s the cutest kid she’s ever seen and a genius) Her husband is in the Army here too – and she was telling me all about our new neighborhood. When I told her we were moving in to Greenwood she gasped and said, “Oh those homes are SO gorgeous!” She said that they are huge (the biggest in that neighborhood’s eligible rank i.e. you gotta have lots of rank to get anything bigger) and that they have all been totally renovated on the inside. She says I’ll faint when I see the gorgeous staircase! You know what I’m thinking of right? Christmas garland draped all around the staircase. Ahhhhhh…. If I haven’t told you guys yet, these homes are really pretty. All brick and old cottage style – like old European charm if you’re into that old English cottage thing like I am. The windows are so pretty and they have newly refurbished wood floors! Can I say ahhhhhhh again? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh My little heart will swell with dreams of decorating for the next 48 days….

I’m very much looking forward to the move – as you can tell by my silliness – but the time in between is so agonizing. It’s very similar to the way a prego lady feels those last 6 weeks before the baby is born. It’s killer waiting for something you so long for! In the mean time, we plan to stay busy every weekend so that we get our minds off it. The weather is SO gorgeous here that it’s an easy thing to achieve!

We are trying to think of adventures to traverse – we know we want to get to Mt. Rainier in the next couple of weeks. And I heard that you can take a train ride down to Portland, Oregon and the train goes all along the coast! FUN! I guess we should probably pack too….eh…it can wait. 🙂

Anyway, that’s my scoop. I feel like I’ve been holding my breath for so long for so many different things and I guess this feels like almost the last big thing. But there will be more too. Jeremy is scheduled to be deployed in February of 2009 and I have dreams about it all the time. I wish I didn’t, but I know in my heart of hearts he will go. I feel like the Lord has told me this far in advance so I’ll be ready. Seems far away – but it’s oh so close. Scary too. And he may not go to Iraq. We are closely watching the situation in Darfur, Sudan. You should too. There are untold evils happening there every day – it’s a scary and sad place.

Ah…sorry to be so blah in my conversation…lets go back to dreaming of Christmas garland around the staircase banister…mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…pretty.

Not ‘Til Tuesday and My Sister Visits!

We called Katie at the housing office today. She said she won’t know until Tuesday whether or not we can move in any sooner than July 16. So we’ll be calling her back next week. The current resident is moving out but apparently, an inspector visits anytime you leave to see how long it’ll take to prepare the home for the next residents. So it depends on when she’s leaving and how long it’ll take the housing office to fix anything necessary before we move in.

We did ask if we could walk through one of the homes currently under renovation  – just to get an idea of what we’re looking at. She said that we can’t…but she thinks she can send us pictures! So yay pictures! If she sends them to me electronically, I’ll certainly post them on the flickr site.

In other news, my sister, Jessica, is visiting from St. Louis this weekend! Today, we went downtown to Pike Place Market. So fun! We had such a blast roaming around. The flower vendors are always our favorite part of the day and they didn’t disappointe today.  They had gorgeous arrangements full of poppies, peonies, lilies, delphinium, daisies, tulips, iris…oh! They were so pretty. Check out the pics on the flickr site

Tomorrow, we are going to the zoo and a fun park – Point Defiance.