Nevil Life Lately

My brain is in it’s usual Monday mode of being a pile of mushy thoughts. I actually don’t mind it though because Monday means it’s time to sort things out and get things done! Blogging has been so rare and inconsistent for me since we have moved home, but hey, it’s going to get better!

Today my brain dump is more about all the stuff I forget to talk about in the midst of house stuff and moving stuff. For example, Chase has been a riot lately. A challenging riot none the less, but a riot. He is talking so much! He is using a two-year old version of complete sentences every time he is not screaming, “NO!” at someone. Last week, he told me he loved me completely unprompted. He just walked up to me and said, “Mommy?, yove you!!!”. It was such a precious moment. It’s funny how he can scream and fuss and fight me off all day long with his two-year old independent rants, and then with one sentence it melts all my frustration away.

His latest sentences include phrases such as, “I need….”, “me want” and the ever popular “MINE!”. Ah yes, he is full swing into his two’s. This past week we moved him from the  6 week-2 year old class at Sunday school to the 2-3 year old class. They didn’t love the idea, but experience has told me that he does much better in a more structured class with older kids. Otherwise, he’s just a fussing mess. He did so great this week and even colored a picture! For once he was happy and engrossed in something when we went to pick him up from class rather than crying and sobbing and squirming in someone’s arms because we didn’t get to class soon enough. He is also starting to get into a couple of morning cartoons. Have you heard of the train cartoon on Disney called Chuggington? Yeah, he loves that show. It’s so precious watching him dance around the room and sing the theme song in his best two-year-old voice.

Which reminds me, Chase is also singing a ton! His favorite songs are: Happy Birthday, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Jesus Loves Me, and Row, Row, Row Your Boat. He insists on them being sung interchangeably in the car and it totally cracks me up. Balloons are tied to the Happy Birthday song too. It rarely fails that he sees a balloon and doesn’t start singing the song shortly thereafter.

Cooper is also doing well. He is SO close to reading. In fact, he’s certainly beginning. We have been working on sight words with flash cards lately. Of course, one of his sight words was “but” a few weeks ago. He got a real kick out of that. I have tried to let him get all his giggles out about the word and I’ve told him the CORRECT use of the word, however, (or but) this doesn’t seem to help. “But” will always be a hilarious word to all 5 year old boys. I think that Coop is in that place where he recognizes more words than he realizes. He reads all the time when he’s not thinking. We’ll be in the car and he’ll just read something on the side of a truck or on a billboard. When he isn’t thinking about it, it comes quickly. But (he he he hehe) when he thinks about it, it comes much slower. He’s  not confidant yet so we are working on that. I need to go to the library and pick up some “I can read” books” since all ours are packed up. I also need to spend some more focused time with him on it. I am excited that we’ve figured out which school he’ll be attending Kindergarten this fall. I plan to call them today so that I can start the process of getting him registered for Kindergarten. HMMMM!

By the way, all you moms who home school your kids, I respect you SO much. I don’t know how you get anything else done in the course of a day. Especially those of you who are home schooling multiple children. It takes a lot of work, patience and creativity to keep it fun and moving along!

Cooper is also working on the relational side of life. He’s been re-experiencing old friends and meeting new ones. It’s been interesting to see him as he relates to kids who are nice and kids who are mean. He’s met some kids with much stronger personalities than him and kids with similar personalities as him. It’s both exciting and heart wrenching to watch him learn about people and how to handle tough situations. His heart is so precious and sensitive. It inspires me to pray for him and that his tenderness can remain as he learns how to be strong at the same time. We’ve been working on how to teach him not to let other kids walk all over him but also how to be respectful of other kids who don’t share his opinion about “the way” things should be done. WHEW! It’s a tall order raising kiddos.

We’ve all had some adjusting to do in this  new place in life. The boys had a rough time when we first got here as they adjusted to Jeremy’s ever-changing work schedule. I think at first they weren’t sure he was going to come back. I know that sounds awful, but Jeremy hasn’t even been home from Afghanistan one year yet. When we got here it was just now 6  months. But things are going much better in the last few weeks. We’ve all established a flexible routine and life is certainly picking up the pace. The addition of the new car has been so great in that equation! I’m doing a Tuesday morning Bible study in West County at CPC and next week I’m planning on checking out a MOPS group that is close.

Jeremy is still looking for more fulfilling and enjoyable employment. We are praying that a new job will come in April. He goes to his first weekend with the National Guard this Saturday! He’ll be heading down to Ft. Leanordwood for some shooting.  This unit is very new and still filling in spots, so he’s excited to be someone who has the experience and training needed to help in leadership. (For you Army wives, he will be acting Platoon Sgt. much of the time!) I’m hoping he’ll get his E-6 relatively quickly because I know that’ll make him feel like a million bucks. 😀 The church we’ve been attending has been great too. We are still exploring it and we have some questions. We’re hoping to get plugged into a small group in the next few weeks. It’s been fun meeting new people and now we are ready for some next steps!

That is life lately here in the Nevil family. We have an inspection on the house this Wednesday. We’re praying the storm last night didn’t do any damage to the house (I’ll swing by later today and check) and we are also praying that the house doesn’t have anything major wrong with it. I have no idea what the “next steps” are if it does have something wrong with it.  God has richly blessed this whole process by showing us His hand all along the way. I love the new house, but I love the care and concern my Heavenly Father continues to show us by working in our lives. I know He holds the world in His hands, and yet, He still sees me. That’s is so amazing!

We Got the House!

Our contract was accepted on the house! WAHOOOOOOOOOOO! We are so excited and just thrilled at all that is occurring. It still isn’t all over though. We close on March 25. Please keep praying that everything goes smoothly and works out for us and this house. We love this house and we are so grateful to God for bringing it into our lives. We can’t wait to build up our family and invest in our community at this new address. We are so thankful for all that God is doing. He is certainly with us!

I’m a bit lazy and don’t feel like putting a bunch of pictures up here when I just added all the pictures onto my shutterfly site, complete with captions so you know what you are looking at. Here is a picture of the front of the house:

Our Soon To Be New Home!

If you want more, you’ll have to click the link! We are hoping that we’ll be able to start moving in on March 30. But we’ll be at the mercy of the Army/Moving company’s schedule. We’ll have an open house in April some time once we’ve had a chance to settle in to the place. Thanks so much for all your prayers along our journey! They have made such a difference in our lives.

Please continue to pray for this process and that Jeremy would continue to make good headway on the job front. He has several irons in the fire, and we are praying right now that a new job will come up once we close on the house! (He would need to wait until then because of our loan for the house.) God has provided so much for us. We are richly blessed and so grateful to Him.