Incidentally….A Hodge Podge Post

So weird as it is,…my blog stats say that people keep looking at my mop post. I’m wondering why, because although my stats say a lot of people look at it, I’m thinking maybe a search is popping it up as a mothers of preschoolers thing……. When I really just want a mop to clean with.

Incidentally, I did run across a pretty schnazzy mop that I am contemplating. It’s at World Market of all places. But it’s neat because you can launder the mop head! So when it’s icky, just wash it in the washer…I thought that was neat. I need to go back and take a closer look. But I digress from my original intent of blogging today….

Today is Halloween. I’m not a huge Halloween buff-I just go for the fall part of it. We are going to our church tonight for a Halloween alternative and I think it’ll be fun. I’m looking forward to Cooper feeling safe and having fun. But, here on the west coast, some have told me things can get scary around here on this day. It’s celebrated as a pretty dark day it seems, and it is getting darker and scarier all the time. Well, the Christian radio station in town decided that since today can tend to be dark-they decided to fight it with Christmas music.

All day long today, and for today only, they are playing Christmas music. I know some people will scoff at that and say it’s nuts and they are falling into the push of retailers. But I don’t think so. I think it’s great that they are playing such happy, joyful music and it really cheered me up on a dreary day. Plus, they are playing sound clips from Chevy Chase’s Christmas vacation. You know the part where Chevy sings “Joy to the World”? Yeah…hilarious.

So, in that same spirit, may your day be merry and bright today. I’m dreaming of a white Christmas baby. I love Thanksgiving for it’s peace and Christmas for it’s joy and they are both coming soon!!!

Waiting on Repair Guys….

I can’t stand waiting on repair guys. Mostly because it’s this crazy game. Last Friday, the on-post housing office said a repair man would be here between 12 and 4. But I had a party that started at 4.  That time came and went….but I kept waiting. He showed up at 4:30 pm as I was getting Cooper strapped into his carseat.  (Which makes me even double mad because the trick or treat thing at the company was LAME-right girls?)

I was so ticked. I marched up to his van (because he was talking on his cell phone in the van…not knocking on my door) and I said, “you going in there?” he moved his phone away from his face -in a mildly annoyed manner-and said “yeah” and I replied, “Well, you’re late. You were supposed to be here by 4:00 at the latest and it is now 4:30 pm. I have a halloween party to go to and I’m not waiting on you any longer.” He looked a little shocked…taken a back and all. Now, usually that’s not the way I do things. I know you are ALWAY nice to the guys who come to fix things. But this ticked me off. I waited 4 hours! I had a ton of stuff I could’ve been doing. He told me to reschedule and quickly drove away. I plan to complain when I do reschedule.

But now, I’m waiting again-this time on someone else. Now my dryer is on the fritz…sometimes it dries clothes….sometimes it doesn’t really. (well, it dries…it just takes 5+ hours) This time, the Maytag guy is supposed to be here between 8 and noon. The problem is that I need the car today. Well…we all know Jer is doing EIB and he’s gone from like 5 am to 7 at night. We got lucky today and he had the chance to come home after pt. We were up at 6:45 am (rather than 4:30 am which is what could have happened). He got here at 7. I threw on some clothes and put my hair up and out the door we ran. I was home by 7:45 am. Whew…but no time for a shower.

Now…Amy is making fun of me and my no-shower-state that I am complaining about. I know….I’m a princess, right Amy? Well…you know, not EVERYONE can look as good as you in the morning.  This (pointing to self) doesn’t happen over night… My dilemma is…what do I do? Do I attempt a quick shower? Knowing that if I do so the Maytag guy will show up just as I’m about to jump in or out? Or do I just brush my teeth and wash my face, and take a leisurly shower during Coop’s nap. Amy would say the latter.

Anyway…I don’t like waiting on repair guys.  I don’t think they perceive the fact that you are held captive for 4-5 hours straight…It’s not ok to be a couple minutes late when I’ve been waiting 4 hours. It’s just not. 12-4 means I can leave at 4:05. And 8-12 means that I am doing whatever I want at 12:05! HA!

Did I mention I am missing yet another fun thing today because of a repair guy? Geez. Coop could have been doing a costume march at the Y with Brayden. How cute would that be? They are such cute kids. Coop and Brayden