I’m generally late to any fashion party. Whatever is “in” at the time is highly scrutinized by me before I jump on it. (As it should be people over 21!) It took me many, MANY years before I decided that I could indeed wear skinny jeans. That whole tapered ankle thing was just scary for a girl who is constantly aware of the size of her thighs. And the pants are just so darn tight! It’s like my jeans are painted onto my body.

I indeed over time felt comfortable in my skinny jeans. However, I still have this one pair of boot cut jeans that are my special comfy jeans. In my head, I’m still winning prizes for not owning or liking pants with pleats in the front…

So now that I’m comfortable with a tapered ankle and painted on my person pants (save for my special comfy jeans), is it any surprise that I began falling in love with my running tights? And from there, it’s a frogs hair of a jump over to the thing I’ve wondered about for years….leggings.

Can I do leggings?

I see those teens in Target wearing them with their Uggs (finally bought a pair last year after MUCH scrutiny people) and I think to myself, “No. I cannot have my bootie out in public like that”.

Thankfully, it was none other than Jen Hatmaker on insta wearing her leggings and explaining what we have all sort of known should be the case. Leggings are not pants. The bootie must be covered!

See? Jen gets it.

So now I have jumped to the brave new world of leggings guys. Because Costco had them 2 for $14.99 and my girlfriends all tell me they are the best ones EVAH.

I can do this….