The Enneagram is a popular topic right now in modern culture and even within Christian circles. Relevant magazine, the Gospel Coalition and Christianity Today, as well as a variety of podcasts and even church sermons, are investigating what the Enneagram has to offer us as God’s people. Some have positive things to say about it as a useful tool and some believe that it is dangerous ground to trod (akin to the way many used to say yoga was evil and demonic). I’m sure the weird graphic depicting the system doesn’t help the situation, however once you understand how it works it takes the strangeness out of it and is quite helpful.

enneagram diagram-current use.gif

I was introduced to the Enneagram about one year ago by my friend Jessie. Through reading several books that are both Biblically based as well as secular and pragmatic, listening to countless podcast episodes and in observing how people interact with others & how I interact with them, I have come to believe strongly that the Enneagram is a wise and useful tool that has deep wisdom to offer people today. (Books, websites and podcasts are mentioned at the end of this post!)

Outside of the Gospel, I think it is a tool of self discovery. Socrates said that before you can know others you have to “know thyself” and I think the Enneagram is a fantastic tool for understanding not just WHAT you do, but WHY you do it. I believe all people could stand to take a closer look at their own actions and thoughts and that societies would greatly benefit from more self-aware peoples. Read more

Silent All These Years

They say silence is golden,…but I dunno, do you feel golden?

I’ve been silent for several years (Cue Tori Amos! Silent All These Years!) two to be exact.

It’s been hard for me in that time to decipher what I want for this blog. Originally it was to document my daily life and thoughts so that other people could see how my faith is wrestled out from the perspective of a Stay At Home Mom. I wanted to document the mundane life of a woman of faith and I think I accomplished it! Read more