Silent All These Years

They say silence is golden,…but I dunno, do you feel golden?

I’ve been silent for several years (Cue Tori Amos! Silent All These Years!) two to be exact.

It’s been hard for me in that time to decipher what I want for this blog. Originally it was to document my daily life and thoughts so that other people could see how my faith is wrestled out from the perspective of a Stay At Home Mom. I wanted to document the mundane life of a woman of faith and I think I accomplished it! Read more

When in Need of a Good Grounding

Today, I have been in need of a day that is gentle to and with my soul. I’ve needed a day where I recognize my own brokenness and yet I call myself to courage in God to interact and engage with the things that still need to be done. (Because life doesn’t stop when our emotions swell!) Not much will be accomplished in a tangible way today; but I am learning that what will be accomplished will give me the strength to meet tomorrow with all the things it holds; good or bad, faithful and true or full of lies and destruction. Read more