I’m Alive…

Really, I am. I’m just busy! School starts this week and my Mommy just left today. đŸ˜¦ So give me a couple days and I’ll be back!

The Reinforcements are Coming!

Today, I pick my Momma-Lou up from the airport at noon. I cannot tell you how glad I am to have her here! As I mentioned in my last post, August is just “The Month That Will Not End”! She isn’t here very long, but it is going to get me through this stink’in month!

It’s not that I can’t handle it, (I can’t) but the help is just sooooo nice! I think I could just write every sentence with an explanation point because I’m really that excited! !!!!! Oh…sorry. Ok, I’m calm.

Due to my Mom’s impending visit, I’ve been cleaning the house a little better than usual. But, it is REALLY hard to keep the house clean when a 4-year old lives in that house.

This morning I told Cooper to pick out the cereal he wanted. He grabbed the cereal of his choice (honey kix) and a box of nilla wafers. I told him to put the cookies back in the pantry because we don’t eat cookies for breakfast. He then grabbed the box, turned it upside down and shook it. Then he tossed it up in the air. Yeah.  I wish I could show you my mad face and tell you how my blood BOILED as cookies and millions of cookie crumbs flew all over my NICE. CLEAN. FLOOR. AH! I felt like the old cartoon characters whose head explodes with fire coming out of their ears like a jet engine….

I told him to leave the kitchen so I could calm down. Then I made him pick up the cookies. Then I swept the millions of cookie crumbs up off the floor and got the mop out, AGAIN. I’m restraining myself. Really…I am….Because now, I have to also vacuum the living room floor because those millions of cookie crumbs stuck to his feet as he left the messy kitchen.

I know my mom loves me even if my house is dirty/messy, but it would just be nice to keep it clean for a little while. A few hours, really. I like a clean house! Whew! The reinforcements are coming!

Speaking of which, yesterday marked 7 weeks that Jeremy has been gone. Next Tuesday we hit the 2 month mark. This has NOT flown by, however it is super-dee-duper nice to be able to say 2 down, 10 to go. 11 is better than 12, and 10 is better than 11.  I know once school starts, things will really pick up.

Oh yes! And one more thing I should mention. Jeremy is now Specialist Promotable! He could make Sergeant really soon! YAY!!!

See….all this happy news about reinforcements and 2 months down and Jeremy being promoted even cheered me up-crazy morning and all. I hope it cheered you up too!