Nevil Vacation 2015

There’s nothing quite like vacation to teach you a few things about being a parent of small children.

1. The young kids smile and say cheese for photos, the big ones look miserable in every photo.

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2. If you just stopped to get gas and didn’t give everyone the chance to pee, you will be stopping 5 minutes after you get back on the highway.

3. 5 people in 300 sq feet of space makes you desperate to either sleep or get out. How do European/Asian people live in such tight quarters? (oh yeah…they only have one child…)


Today is recovery day at Casa Nevil. We just got back from a six-day trip to the East Coast. The original reason for going was a cousin’s wedding, but we tacked on a few days and stopped all along the way for some fun. That equals vacation, right?


I was deeply amused in our 13+ hour drive by how my husband and I have morphed into parents thanks to our three passengers. It’s hilarious to think back to the days when we would do road trips just the two of us; Cheetos, Pepsi (Coke for me!), M&M’s and lots of coffee. We would drive all night long to get to where we needed to be. We’d laugh and talk and turn the music up loud and just snack like crazy.

Things look much different now! Conversations revolve more around who pooped/needs to poop, who needs their screen charged/handed back, whose light is bothering who and what snacks won’t smell/make a mess. Only water is allowed. #wearethoseparents We listened to the Frozen soundtrack a dozen times to appease the tiny terrorist. I was concerned about our carb and sugar intake the entire trip, so I kept giving the kids cheese sticks and bananas.


Despite the craziness of the trip, it really was fun. This wasn’t one of those, sit and relax sort of vacations-we were busy every minute. But we did a lot of fun things, saw great beauty and enjoyed our time together.

Still….there’s no place like home.