Double Digit Birthday Post

I’ve been in the double-digits birthday-wise for a bit now. We won’t mention how long though…a lady doesn’t reveal her age 😉

This past weekend was a super fun and relaxing birthday for me! I had a precious morning of little boys waking me with kisses and french-pressed coffee. I got a Kindle Fire (WAHOO!) and a Civil Wars cd, plus some of my fav perfume. And that was just in the morning! Later that night Jeremy took me on a date to a fun restaurant in West County called The Tavern. I looked them up on Urban Spoon and on Yelp and they have mixed reviews. But we LOVED it! It’s a fun twist on comfort food. I’d say comfort food in an upscale atmosphere.

Breaded chicken with sage, bacon and I think a mushroom in the middle. It was over the top of some lemon risotto...mmmmmm so savory!

I had the chicken saltumbucca (sp?).  I don’t feel like looking up exactly what it was called, but it was good. Jeremy had the meatloaf. It was very different tasting. He said “it’s not momma’s meatloaf”. It was almost sausage-like. Very tight and dense, wrapped in bacon. It was super rich too. He had it over some mashed potatoes. Can you tell I like food? Oh and we also shared a trio of sides; creamed spinach (pure heaven!), an “un-creamed” corn that was so fresh and a twist on tator tot casserole of all things. It was a little too salty even for me, but I liked how the restaurant took normal foods and fancied them up a bit. It was fun. 😀

For dessert, I can’t remember what Jeremy got. It looked really gross to pregnant me, but he liked it. I had the cinnamon sugar donuts with maple bacon cream! They were delish. Too bad I could only eat one!

Fun presentation too!

After our dinner date, we did what all cool married couples do…we went to Bed Bath and Beyond. 

It was a big day…

For those of you with a Keurig, I highly recommend Wolfgang Puck’s Jamaican Me Crazy blend. It’s got some hints of coconut…mmmmmm…..islandy.

Anyway, my birthday also consisted of one of my favorite cakes! I really like making my own birthday cake because I get to do it the way I like it best! And I like it with lots of raspberries. This is one of the best cake recipes out there by the way. It’s on the side of the Hershey Cocoa box. Seriously, you should make it. It might blow your mind if you like chocolate cake. It’s crazy moist. But hey, don’t melt the butter when you make the frosting like the recipe says. Let it get soft and beat it…and add a scooch extra milk than the 1/3 cup it calls for too. It’s a chocolate lovers dream. I’m serious.

Hershey's Chocolate Cake

Saturday and Sunday we did yard work, went to Home Depot (he he he he he..see above video again) and cleaned out the garage. The Nevil house is a happening place people.

our pretty pink dogwood on a sunny Saturday in March???

Our favorite thing of late has been eating on the back porch at my new-to-me patio table I bought off Craigslist. Eating outside when you have little boys is pretty much awesome clean-up wise.

deep in conversation...

And that was my birthday weekend! Spring is a fun time to be born. Happy Birthday to me!

A Post Spring Break Post

It’s Monday morning after a two-week long spring break here in the Nevil household. It’s nice to get back into the swing of life. I loved the pre-summer peak spring break offered and I’m totally excited that there’s around 9 weeks of school left. I really like having Cooper around. I miss him even though I have fun with my little Chase. I really like my munchkins.

In fact, I thought for sure when I told Cooper on Saturday that he had school Monday, I would get a sigh and a sorrowful reply. Nope. He cheered. Ahhh….he’s a kid after my own heart! He was so excited to go back. That says so much about his school and especially his teacher!

Can you believe it’s the last week of March already? What in the world! I can’t believe how fast it went. April will be here on Sunday! Which means our little bun in the oven will be here soon too. EEECcckkkk!!!!

This weekend, I literally woke up in the middle of the night in a complete panic. I was convinced I was in labor. I wasn’t, but a little middle-of-the-night stupor does that to a girl. I was having some BH contractions, which I’ve been having more often lately.

I keep realizing all the things I’ve forgotten to get out or that I will even need. For example, I did not register for a single baby blanket. What the heck? I do realize that all the blankets I have are blue with tractors, footballs, firetrucks, etc. on them, right? No, no I didn’t until 2 am one night. Shew. Thank you Lord for hormones that make me realize how ditzy my prego brain has been! Don’t worry, I do have some white blankets and some blankets from when I was a baby. And she’ll be born in late April/early May so it’s not like she’ll be COLD. It’s St. Louis! We’re having the warmest spring on record here too. Oh and my friend Courtney made me the CUTEST baby blanket ever…so I’ve got that going for me! Thanks again Court!

Anyway, that’s my random Monday post. I haven’t had a cohesive thought in my little head in a while. No promises on what the next few weeks of posts will hold. I’m a woman full of hormones!