A Grown-Up Weekend

The previous 5 years of our lives are chaulked full of nostalgia for me and my hubby. We lived in WA state on an Army installation (a.k.a. our “gated” community) called Ft. Lewis McChord. Because we rented our home, landscaping, maintenance and all those “grown-up” responsibilities were just part of what we paid for each month.

Our House in WA State

That meant the weekends were truly made for fun and adventure. Boy did we ever live it up! It was glorious. I actually laugh now thinking about my husband as he used to say that he was so excited to one day own his own house again and spend weekends working in the yard and doing projects.

View of Mount Rainier from the ferry (Bremerton to Seattle)

I guess we’re never really satisfied huh? The grass is greener on that perpetual other side. Because right now…my hubby is up in the yucky attic putting a band aid on our roof. We’ve got (for lack of a better term) a hole in it! AHHH! Not so great a problem this time of year either. The large, brown stain in my dining room bears a lot of witness to that.

That stain in the ceiling is actually double the size it shows in this picture thanks to the good soaking we received over the weekend.

But hey, that’s just part of the joys of home ownership. Ahh…yes, the ever-present reminder that we are grown ups. Join us as we pray the roof guy says its hail damage. 😀

On the flip-side of that, we got to do something else that was actually fun AND grown up this weekend. We bought a new car! Yes, the growing Nevil family was in need of upgrading our main ride to accommodate the additional little person joining us this May. We found a lovely 2005 Honda Odyssey at our local dealership on Friday night. You’ve never lived ’till you’ve bought a minivan on Friday night with your children present. 😀

Here she is! The silver bullet

Our boys were truthfully wonderful in this whole process. I’m pretty sure they are more excited than I am. Not that I’m not excited, I mean this baby is as smooth as butter! I feel like a rockstar driving it. And oi the space! At one point in the evening Chase shouted out slowly “THIS. IS. SO. COOOOOOL!!!” as he rode along in our new van.

Oh, and shout out to my sister Kelli Stuart from Minivans are Hot! Say it enough, you’ll start to believe it.

It’s funny how there are seasons of life where you are busy as a little bee, falling through ceilings (um, that happened while he was in the attic), buying new cars, getting prepped for a new baby, and then there are times where you are busy enjoying what’s around you. Hopefully we can find some time to inject a little nostalgia into our busy schedule once spring arrives. Shew…it’s tiring (and dangerous!) being a grown up!

I Love my Mop

Ever heard that Veggietales silly song called “I love my lips”?

Well, I feel that way about my mop. Not like MOPS (Mother’s of Preschoolers), though I do love my MOPS group too. I’m actually and seriously talking about a mop…you know, that you clean with.

I’ve searched high and low for YEARS for a mop I could love. Sound dumb? Yup, it probably is. I just like things a certain way…and I can’t stand dipping my mop in dirty water over and over again, throwing the head away and trying to find a stupid replacement (and then when the dang thing doesn’t fit? ARGH!) only to find that the one I need has been discontinued and I have to buy a whole new mop!!!

So when I saw this mop in a magazine, I MAY have drooled…just a little. The mop is similar to the wet jet swiffer, but sooooo much better! Can I tell you why I love it? Of course I can, it’s my blog.

This mop has a refillable water container. You put your own water, your own cleaning solution in the tank, snap it on and voila! Whatever smell and whatever brand you like. You can make the water SUPER hot even. And the cleaning pad on it? It’s washable. Yup. In the washing machine. No kidding.

It has a great swivel head and the sprayer is in the smartest place! You can adjust whether you want to spray a large area (pull the handle towards you) or just one concentrated blast in one spot (push the handle towards the spot). Sigh.

I love my mop.

Wanna see some action shots? Of course you do.


I shall call her Red Bud and I shall love her forever


Extreme close up!

I know I’m a dork.

I also love that it only puts juuuuuust enough water on the floor to clean up without leaving a bunch left over. It dries so fast!

Now the microfiber head/pad is washable as I said…for up to 100 washes in the washing machine. No…I won’t be counting. But I think that’s “manufactorese” for “buy a new one when this one starts to look nasty”.

Every time I mop my floors, I sigh a little sigh and say “I love my mop”. And when I’m done? I wash that pad so that next time I want to mop, it is clean and fresh.

There is one thing I wish though…I wish that the handle were a scoochie-schooch longer. I’m a shortie (5’4 respectively) and I have to bend a little more than my prego-back appreciates.

Anyway, you should go buy this mop. It’s $20.00 and worth every single penny. Oh and should you say have a really icky mess to clean up, they do sell pads that you can dispose of if you don’t want to get your microfiber one all icky.

Don’t you think O-Cedar should pay me for this? Yup…I do too. Sadly, they didn’t. It’s still worth it. RUN! Go buy it! Now!