Main Entry:
or di·shev·elled
Middle English discheveled bareheaded, with disordered hair, part translation of Anglo-French deschevelé, from des- dis- + chevoil hair, from Latin capillus
: marked by disorder or disarray disheveled hair
This is a great way to describe me, my day, my hair and my heart yesterday. The day started out icky before the day even started. I had awful dreams Tues/Wed night…dreams of friends getting divorced, dreams of Cooper dying…it was just an awful night of restlessness. The worst part; I kept dreaming. You’d think after one bad dream or at the climax of the bad dream I’d stop dreaming and wake up…but nope.
Once I finally did wake up I got up out of bed just to make it all stop. So I felt blah from the moment my feet hit the floor. Then Jer came home and by the first cup of coffee we were having a “marital adjustment opportunity”….a little miscommunication.
The night before, we had our H.F.G. (home fellowship group/aka small group) so we were home late. Coop was in bed around 10 pm. So Wednesday he was a real joy. I couldn’t figure out why he was disobeying me all day long and being such a booger….I realized it at lunch. “hello self! he’s tired!”
In light of all that junk the morning brought, the only thing to do is either a) kickbox or b) clean your house like your life depended on it. I chose b…and Cooper did not like that choice. I think he would’ve preferred the kickboxing.
I guess I wasn’t alone in feeling this way though. Even though her household is multiplied by 3, my friend Kelli seemed to have that kind of day yesterday too. Which in some way is really encouraging to know that someone else had a yucky day. I can’t imagine that kind of day with two additional kids…whew….. I think I’d write like her too!
Jer was out late last night learning how to drive Strykers. (I’m sure a blog post with video is eminant.) So by the time he got home, I think I scared him. My goal was to end the day and get on to another one. I’m so glad “His mercies are new every morning”.
Today is poised to be a much better day just based off the peaceful sleep I got last night. I’m determined to make it so!

Sponanaity and Spoils

Our good friends, the Metcalfes, called us this morning. They had planned to go out to Anderson Island for some family stuff…but the ferry is um, …it’s broken. So, they were just down the road from us and thought, hey, let’s have some fun. We all decided to trapse down to Gig Harbor to enjoy the weather and do a bit of window shopping.

It was a blast! We packed a lunch for ourselves and headed out into the beautiful sun.  Once down in Gig Harbor I found this super cute shop. It’s an antique shop (down past the park on the left) and it’s called “She Sells Seashells & Antiques”. Here’s the cute stuff I found…

These pretty napkin rings are porcelein and they were only $8!

And this cutsie lamp was $26…which I think is a steal of a deal. I’ve been looking for a new lamp for my bedroom but whew…lamps can be expensive.

So that’s it. I didn’t bring the camera with me today (spontanaity=forgetfulness), so I don’t have cute pics of the boys from today. But here’s some cute pics from last weekend when we went over to play.

They just happen to have the same swim trunks…not planned!