Happy Halloween!!

I’m not really all that into Halloween. In fact, it is my least favorite “holiday” if you can even call it that. I do know that my kids like the fun of dressing up and getting CANDY and making pumpkins though. So, I can go with the flow.

This weekend was a busy one for us, but we had time to do a little pumpkin carving. It was so fun too! The boys are at great ages for it. They still gag at the smell of a freshly cut pumpkin, freak out about the guts inside it and squeal at the ideas of what to carve on it. So that was a blast. Here are some pics of our fun night.

Hope you have a Happy Halloween!

Food Wars Continue

If there’s one thing that makes me loopy as a mom, it’s the toddler food wars.

This one is our top offender. This was pure peer pressure and the opportunity to eat something extremely messy over the summer!

Now, I’ve fought these wars and I am so grateful that we spaced our children a bit. Because the pay off is seen daily in my six-year-old. He is willing to try “new” things, he eats a variety of foods and he makes excellent choices. My eldest will often choose a fruit over a cookie or other less-wise choice. I love that!

So when my two year old, who is currently eating only 5 things, refuses to try anything and chooses to skip whole meals rather than eat what is offered to him, I take a deep breath and read some article from Dr. Sears to cheer me up and encourage me on. It’s like he’s saying “Onward and upward Mommy!”. Thanks Dr.

Today I read this article from Dr. Sears and it was encouraging. Probably one of the best I’ve read about food battles with little ones. I don’t agree with everything he says though. I don’t condone food just sitting out for hours while a child nibbles on and off during that time. No, no, no. A snack here or there while sitting, sure though. Once you get up, that’s it though.

But it was the encouragement that I needed. And just for kicks because I’ll laugh about it later, the few things Chase will eat these days are as follows:

and sometimes he’ll eat some Peanut Butter.

Sigh…It gets better! I’m just going to remind myself that it gets better. Yeah…