What a man!

Today, I made a play date with my friend Crystal and set myself up to get out of the house with both the kiddos. I told Crystal she couldn’t comment on what I looked like once I finally made it there! And I told myself the house could be left in chaos and dealt with later.

We did ok! We were at Crystal’s around 10:15 am. Sure, I started that process at 7 am this morning…but hey, we’re learning.

But the point of this post is really to brag on my sweetie. He feels like he isn’t helping out enough so I thought I’d encourage him a little by telling everyone how much I appreciate the guy.

My Men
My Men

Today he walked to school in the rain and walked home for lunch in the rain so that I could have the car to go out. When he came home for lunch, he unloaded and loaded the dishwasher for me. He also called to check on me twice while I was out today. And this morning, while I was showering and getting ready, he fed the big kid breakfast and held the baby for me.

So thanks sugar, for all your help and sacrifice today babe! I appreciate you!


A couple months ago, we joined the YMCA. Almost as soon as we got our membership cards, I misplaced mine. No biggie though; I just paid $1.00 and got a new one.

Well, I found my card today. Apparently I had used it as a place holder in my Hershey’s chocolate cook book….nice….