The Funny Girl

One of the best parts of being a parent of small children is being able to recount the hilarity that comes with said territory (and not really embarrass them). I haven’t told perhaps any Cecelia stories here on my blog. Perhaps we are just now getting to the truly funny stuff though?

Cecelia is now two and a half. She melts our hearts on a regular basis with her friendliness, her warmth, her sing-song way of talking and walking and her general joyfulness. She loves her brothers SO much and they feel the same way about her. She and her eldest brother, Cooper, have a loving relationship probably typical of a really older brother (7 years her senior). He picks her up, holds her, dances with her in his arms; he loves to push her in the swings or help her ride her bike. He reads stories to her, helps her and is 100% on her side, loyal to her every whim. Chase on the other hand? He and she have a bit of a different relationship.

Chase is only 3 years older than Cecelia. While it’s a good amount of space between them, it’s also close enough that they enjoy playing with one another a lot more than she and Cooper (who are interested in totally opposite things). Chase will sometimes be the helpful, loving brother who gets something out of reach for Cecelia or plays make believe with her (especially house/kitchen etc). However, he GREATLY delights in lording things over her. There is a little too much joy in his face when he sees her doing something wrong/out of place. He will happily snatch something away from her, play keep-away with her most beloved blanket or baby doll, and generally tease/torment her according to how he’s feeling that day. And while she screams and fusses at him, he just smiles at her impishly.

I’m still surprised that she even wants to play with him or is happy to see him after the way he treats her. But each day it’s Chase she asks me about. It’s Chase she say’s goodbye to over and over and over when we drop him off for school. It’s Chase she can’t wait to see when we go to pick the boys up from school and it’s Chase she begs to play with her once the boys are home.

Lately though, she’s putting together much more complicated, full sentences. She’s able to express herself not just in action but also in word; and Chase is getting an earful. When we were in Iowa visiting our friends recently, we had spent a full morning playing at a splash park and having a picnic. A storm started to move in and it was getting late in the afternoon, so we decided to head back to the lake house. We changed the kids clothes and loaded them up in the car to head back. As we were driving Chase (who sits in the way back all by himself for many reasons), began making really annoying sounds with his mouth. They got pretty loud and obnoxious and just as I was about to tell him to stop the shenanigans, Cecelia, who had up to this point been quietly sucking her fingers and cuddling her blanket, pushed her hand out flat as if to show a sign for stop and exclaimed, “Stop! Stop it Chasey! I am so tired, I’m sleeping!”.

Jeremy and I stifled hysteric laughter. We looked back at Cecelia and she had again resumed her previous position. And Chase? He was actually quiet!

Our funny Cecelia in her most favorite jammies
Our funny Cecelia in her most favorite jammies with her friend, Nora

Riding the Suburban Fast Lane

You know, the good thing about posting so infrequently nowadays is that when I go to bind a book of my blog, it’ll be really cheap….sheesh

Life is moving  fast around here! We’ve hit this wild and crazy place in our family where we are blown away by all the neat accomplishments and milestones that are happening to both us and the kids. Many friends who have been there, done this are telling us that we should savor every minute of this time in our lives. As a result we’ve broken out the video camera and taken videos of our every day life. We’ve purchased new bikes and camping equipment so we can work on building those fun family memories too. (Have I mentioned the “Active Nevil Family 2014” Plan?)

Here are a few of our highlights of late: Chase has his first loose tooth. He’s totally wigged out by it too. There are moments of mega drama when he is eating and he feels it wiggle. Tears. Wailing. I am dreading it ACTUALLY falling out because if he sees blood…whooo! Look out! He is really weirded out by things that don’t feel “normal” to him. Having never experienced a tooth falling out should be one I videotape (note to self).

In other news, Jeremy just decided to take the training wheels off Chase’s bike a few weeks ago. It was exactly like Cooper’s experience: anticlimactic. Chase is so different from Cooper that we thought for sure it would take weeks to get him going without the training wheels. Nope. One push and off he went like a pro! We were very proud of him and he is pretty proud of himself too. He still tells total strangers “Hi! My name is Chase! I’m 5. I have a loose tooth AND I am going to kindergarten and I don’t need training wheels anymore!” It’s adorable. It’s so fun to see Chase blossom into himself. I can’t wait to see the changes he makes this next year. He will love school I’m sure of it. He can spell his name, say his phone number and address and count (more or less) to 30. He especially loves how there are banks all over town with his name on it 😉

Jeremy graduated from Lindenwood University a few weeks ago too! He finished with Veterans honors and received his Bachelors of Science degree in Business. We are all kinds of proud of his hard work and dedication. He kept his GPA so high! He’ll tell you it was nothing but I say it is something HUGE. It was a lot of work and time away from his family but we know it is worth it.

Cecelia has roared into her two’s. She talks a ton, says the CUTEST things and is just completely girly. Yet, she loves to play with her brother’s dinosaurs and cars too. I love all of her feminine qualities and her spunk and playfulness she has with her big brothers. They are quite a team that little threesome!

This fall we will enter into some kind of suburban dream land of sorts. We finally found a good sports program close to our house to put both the boys into. They meet at the same time so we won’t have to do that thing where you have to be in two places at the same time somehow. Chase will be doing soccer and Cooper will be doing flag football. Now that Jeremy works at his ROCKSTAR of an awesome job so close to home and he is out of school, this is the stuff we can do! We are excited. Chase and Cooper will also be in the same elementary school all day long.

Cecelia and I will have to invent some other fun things to do together. She’s too young for dance classes (but as much as she loves music that’ll be a MUST when she’s old enough) and Kindermusik is only in West County apparently…so we will see what comes up. There’s a great stroller park work out group I wanted to do last year but couldn’t because it coincided with Chase’s preschool drop off. I rock at filling my time – I’m not too worried about it 😉

The dog is doing much better as the months pass by too. We’ve enjoyed his laid-back and chill attitude. We kenneled him when we were out of town in May for the holiday and he did SUPERB! That was very good news. He still loves to walk with us and play fetch with balls and sticks. He finally enjoys chewing on his bone. The submissive peeing is even getting a little better. He is our faithful watchdog that’s for sure. He scares the tar out of most people with his bark. Last weekend, he chased a trash truck down the street! (It was hilarious after it was done being frightening.) He was hanging out in the garage with us as we were about to walk into the house. He heard the truck and took off down the street barking and chasing it. I was impressed with how fast he can run! He scared us to death when he ran IN FRONT of the truck. Thankfully it stopped and the guy was so nice he even got out and pet Arnie. Stupid dog….he’s so lucky he didn’t get pummeled! And we are too because we love the big lug.

So that is our crazy suburban life. Pretty amazing. I’m grateful for this silly, joyful, peaceful time in our lives. I can’t remember when we have experienced this before. After all that we have been through, all that God has done in and through us, how much He has brought us through in life…we are grateful and in awe of how He works. We are looking forward and asking God to help us to be a blessing to others and that we would see and hear where He is leading us.