So Sleepy….

Something interesting happens when you become a mom. I’m pretty sure it DOES NOT happen to guys when they become dads because I’ve yet to personally experience it. As I was saying….when you become a mom, you cease to sleep. Not only do you cease to sleep, but you eventually will find that though you desire sleep, sleep actually eludes you when  you seek it.

It starts out slowly at first. The new baby comes home and you find yourself in a groggy cycle of sleep-nursing/feeding. You find you can ACTUALLY do amazing things while sleeping. Of course, this is also when you start having dreams that you’ve rolled over on your child or dropped them. You wake up in a panic only to find that the baby is in the crib even though you have absolutely no recollection of putting the child there…..

Then as the baby gets older and you start to get more quantity of sleep, the quality just seems to stay pretty low. That stinking monitor helps you hear any little sound and even in the “deepest” of sleep (as deep as a mom can have anyway) you wake up at the slightest twitch. Incidentally, I attribute that to all my SIDS fears. Even though I let my baby sleep on his tummy from 6 weeks on – GASP!

Then the sleep stuff progresses. I went back to work…but that first year I am pretty sure I was constantly tired. I believe that when my son went to bed at 7 or 8 (depending on the kind of day either of us had) that I went to bed at the same time. This is also when I developed a new-found appreciation for all those single moms out there. My hubby was at boot camp when all this happened-so relief was in sight for me eventually; and that was the thought I clung to daily.

Cooper is now 2 years old and you’d think that sleep would be my friend by now. Nope. It’s not. Now I stay home with Cooper (yay!) and you’d think maybe I could find some time in the day to sit on my bootie, eat bon-bons and watch some soaps and even catch a few zzzz’s…but NOPE, can’t do it. You’d also think that when my son began sleeping through the night that I too slept through the night. But NOPE again, you’re wrong.


I lay down to take a nap and my brain swirls so loud it’s like a hen house. I finally stop trying to fall asleep because just laying there thinking about all the stuff I need to do is not helpful. Then at night, same thing. My head hits the pillow between 10 and 11 most nights. I think maybe 2 out of 10 times I fall asleep within a few minutes. Then though, I wake up somewhere between 1 and 3 am. Grrrrr……I can never go back to sleep quickly either. Right now is a great example. I’m sitting in a quiet house with little to do and am I asleep? Nope…just griping to you guys.

Now these are confessions of a one-kiddo mom. I often think of my girlfriends who have 3 (b/c that is the popular number) children.  I know they also think fondly of the days when they were newlyweds and they would sleep till 9 or 10 or even later on Saturday mornings. That was the best EVER! And I bet they even think that those of us with just one child sleep way more than they do. But I don’t know. I don’t think we do. I know my buds Amy and Crystal have no problem with sleep. You girls are like little kitty cats. I don’t know how you do it. I covet your sleep though.