Deer in the Headlights

I’m not quick on the draw. If this was the wild west, I’d be dead or at least considerably wounded. Apparently, I need to work on that because I have had 2 deer-in-the-headlight situations in the past two days.

Yesterday, I was on the phone with Sallie Mae on student loan stuff-and this guy had such a crazy french accent that I could barely understand him. (Monty Python and the Holy Grail caliber “outrageous french accent”.) But he must have been from the Carribean because it was sooooooo thick. And his voice was really deep. It was rough. Then I had the TOTAL STUPIDITY to actually attempt to say a little something in french. I told him I know a little (emphasizing a little) and then told him I make mistakes. Then he startes rattling some french stuff off to me and I was like WHOA, monsier! Alor! Parlez lentement si vous plait! Speak slowly dude. It was fun to pretend a little. But I had that thing well up in me where I got so annoyed with myself. I can really speak a little french, but I got so nervous that I got dumb American on the guy.

Then today, I had another deer in the headlight situation. I finally emailed that paper about writing. He sent me 2 stories to write due 12/7! I didn’t know what to say. Um…I’m going out of town,….I didn’t think you would want me….um…you have never met me….seen my resume…are you serious?

That’ll show me to have expectations. Crapola.. (that’s my favorite word today)

I need to work on my gun slinging skills. It doesn’t matter if you can talk the talk unless you can walk the walk.

If I had sound effects, a gun slinger one would be here. So insert gunslinger sound in your head. Paa-ching!

The Nevil’s Gear Up

Sorry I haven’t posted much this week! With our quaranteened status, things have been pretty boring around here lately. There hasn’t been much to chat about. But now, this week is winding down and winding up simultaneously! We are working on a countdown to St. Louis here and Jeremy is working on his countdown to Yakima. We are all packing-there are suitcases and ruck sacks all over the house. It looks like Jeremy might be leaving on Sunday instead of Monday for Yakima  – he said he has to go in to work that day. Bummer!

On the upswing, Cooper’s pink eye has significantly improved with the drops the doctor perscribed. (If you believe in government sponsored/global healthcare, I would like to chat with you about why you would HATE it if the US had it. Trust me-it’s AWFUL. Just come and join me for a trip to the doctor here in the Army…government healthcare can’t hold a candle to privatized healthcare-but I’ll save that rant for another day.) The doc confirmed that it sounds like Cooper had a light touch of Croup (he says it’s really going around out here) and the pink eye was pretty obvious too. But the cough seems to be loosening up.

Cooper is a major champ about us giving him the eye drops. The first time I was going to do it, I told him, “You know how daddy puts drops in his eyes?” he said, “yeah,” “well, mommy has this medicine to make your eyes all better – so we are going to put drops in your eyes too, ok?” “like daddy?” he asked, “yup like daddy”. I put the drops in his eyes and he GIGGLED! Then he asked for more. What a kiddo!

Today we are finishing up laundry and packing, tomorrow we run errands for our trip and daddy’s trip and then Saturday we leave! AH! I’m excited and in that major mommy mode where I’m afraid I’ll forget something or I’ll forget to do something important around here before I leave.

I don’t think I’ll post again before I get to St. Louis-what else is there to say?- so here are some things we would covet your prayers on- for Jeremy and for me and Coop:

-Jeremy will most likely be leaving for Yakima on Sunday. It’s cold in the mountains and a rather desolate place since they blow stuff up out there all the time. The wind doesn’t have anything hindering it if you can imagine. He will be outside-in the snow- for 9 days straight. The weather today said there’s over a foot of snow out there. There will be no showers. No warm bed. I gripe because he won’t-too much of a big tough army guy. I don’t like that he’ll be toughing this stuff out. I think it’s too extreme and stupid. Pray for safety-no cold weather injuries etc. Pray for protection – they will be using some live fire exercises. And pray for encouragement for Jeremy. Just that he can get his mind off being uncomfortable and try to have fun shooting stuff and learning important and life saving lessons.

-for me and Mr. C. Pray for patience on my part and wisdom in how I entertain Coop. Pray for Cooper -that he might sleep on the plane and that he will be so excited to see everyone that he will have his halo on quite nicely.

-finally….pray that Mizzou kicks the Sooners’ booties-I hope I can catch the game on Saturday to watch the big win-GO TIGERS!