I Should Not Have Sat Down!

There comes this point in my evening where the children are all nestled in their beds. The day is finally silent. Today I’m exhausted. My littlest one didn’t nap more than one hour -and she needs at least 3 hours of sleep (cursed car nap ruining it all!) and frankly, that takes the wind out of my sails. Two precious hours gone.

But I loved my day today. It was full of joyful activity. I hopped from one role to the next changing hats mid leap and singing Journey songs all the way. So now, in this still and quiet house, all I want to do is go to sleep, or curl up in my bed with my book and read until I can’t keep my eyes open any longer. Tomorrow is another very full day, as is the day after that. Rest and work are both calling me. I look around and my house tells me how full my day was today. I have papers to sign, mail to go through, laundry that didn’t get washed (or folded) today. Tomorrow is a new day but can these things wait?

I’m thinking of the Shekinah of God. Today in our James Bible study we discussed how James lays out the way that Jesus is our Glory. The Shekinah was the manifestation of God’s presence in the Old Testament. It was in the pillar of fire in the desert, it was in the glory of the Lord that filled the temple after it was consecrated in Moses’ time. And then, ‘the word became flesh and dwelt among us’ (John 1). Jesus is the manifestation of the presence of God. He is our glory. And Ann Voskamp said today, “you can always have as much of God as you want”…

Isn’t that a lovely thought to roll around in your head?

P.S. This is my effort to blog something no matter how random or whiney.

Grateful In the Little Things

The other day I was cleaning up the kitchen. It’s my never-ending task. So far I have a love/hate relationship with it: I love to cook and create in my kitchen. Kitchens are nice places to be-they fill so much more than our stomachs most days. But this day, I was just busy and lost in my head and annoyed at all that needed to be put away and filled and cleaned. I yanked the last paper towel off the roll; sticky, torn, final remnant of a towel. Boo. I peeked under the sink for another roll. No maas. So I called out to my little man, Chase. “Hey Chase!” He eagerly bounced up the stairs, “yes, Momma?”. “Buddy, would you go get Mommy a roll of paper towels down in the basement please?” “Sure!!! The big ones, right?” he chirped. “Yes, honey, thank you”. He bounded down the stairs and a moment later I heard him huffing up the stairs like he was carrying quite a load.

I turned around to greet him and thank him when I saw this cute little bundle of boy, all scrawny arms and legs, overflowing with the two giant rolls of paper towels he had just lugged up the stairs. I laughed at the sight of him and remarked “Oh, wow! You brought me two rolls? Thank you buddy!”. He proudly exclaimed his genius idea, “I brought you two so dat you could keep dis udder one under the sink for when this one runs out!”. I melted into a heap of giggles and pulled him close for a hug. This little scrawny boy was so thoughtful and sweet that it lightened my load of kitchen cleaning. What joy is found in those little things.