Applying the Brakes

Christmas is still a fuzzy memory in my head. The disarray of my home and even my schedule is evidence of it! However, I’m pretty sure I’m not alone. I think we are all looking to apply the brakes a bit now that Christmas of 2011 is over.

This week is stretched out like one long weekend. My love is on vacation and we are tying up loose ends, playing with new toys, taking naps and enjoying the presence of one another. Next week and next year will come all too soon!

I hope your family enjoyed their Christmas and that you too are finding time for some rest. I’m taking a blogging break for a few days, so catch ya in the new year!

Pranksters, Jesters and Comedians

When I married Jeremy, I knew that my life would always be full of laughter. This is a good thing because as Elizabeth Bennett says, “I do so love to laugh”.

Jeremy is the master of well-timed jokes, exaggerated stories, pranks and the like. He has always and will always be able to make me smile. But the thing that is the most fun is that he is passing his hilarity on to our children.

This week, Chase played his very first prank on me. It was impressive too. Jeremy absolutely didn’t believe that this 2.75 year-old was capable of thinking up his own joke and following through with it with the grace necessary to scare Mommy to death.

Fake cockroaches ever so carefully placed in the fridge for me to find...

But he did it! I even double checked with his big brother to ensure that Chase had indeed fessed up truthfully when I asked him if he was the responsible party. (His response by the way? “Sowwy Mommy” with a devilish grin stretched from ear to ear. My response? Laughter, hugs, kisses and high fives for cracking me up.)

Cooper has played similar jokes on me in the past. Just a few months ago I remember that Cooper put those same roaches in my bed, in the sheets, then remade the bed so I wouldn’t notice. When I pulled my covers back I freaked.

Jeremy’s best prank to date was when Chase was just a baby. The bassinet was in our bedroom and I was just headed in there to put the sleeping newborn down for a nap (so I could take a shower). I carefully pulled the blanket out of the bassinet to find a toy snake waiting for me. It also scared me half to death and made me about drop Chase! I couldn’t even scream…

I think I’ve mentioned it before but in this house,

We do Fun here!