Jeremy and I had the privilege of being pre-approved last week to buy a house! I was surprised that it happened as quick as it did. I had this idea in my head that it would take us a few weeks to get settled and gather everything that we needed to get the paperwork started. But nope! Just a couple of phone calls did the job!  I felt a rush of feelings when Jeremy told me the news. In typical Jeremy fashion, he delivered it as if it were bad. So when the news was great, I jumped up and down and screamed! We do still have a lot of paperwork to gather, but in the mean time, we also have a pre-approval letter in hand!

Now, we aren’t financially wealthy people.  We are a one-income family trying to work our way back into civillian life. Jeremy hasn’t finished college (YET!) and the last few years in the military we weren’t exactly rolling in the dough. (Try more like on WICK.) It’s a rough journey to go DOWN in income. When Jeremy joined the Army, we gave up more than $40,000.00 a year in income. (and that includes the income he AND I were contributing when I was working) Yeah…

God has made us wealthy in lots of other ways though and we are happy and blessed people. So anyway, we are looking for a house with a tiny price tag. But I would like it to be almost perfectly in line with my list of priorities. This means that most of the houses we are looking at are foreclosures or short sales. Seriously, we looked at 9 houses yesterday and not a single one of them was owned by a family. They were all owned by investors or banks. It makes me sad to walk through some of those houses. My heart breaks knowing that there is a story behind the life of a human being who is probably hurting as I walk through their home as a potential buyer.

We keep asking ourselves lots of questions about these houses and there are some tough ones in there. Like the idea of can we imagine having teenagers in this house? Would it work for them? Could we have one more child and still make this house work? Where will we put our “stuff” (i.e. junk!)? Is this a good location? What’s the crime in this area? Will this neighborhood bounce back from the housing recession?

It took us 4+ hours to drive and go through those 9 houses yesterday. We froze our toes and our bums off too. Most of the houses were “winterized” because all the utilities were turned off. We had tons of snow last week too, and an unoccupied house means no one is there to clean off the driveway. We were walking in 6+inches of snow then standing in houses with no heat or lights! It was good times. Actually, it was really fun. We found 2 houses (maybe 3) that we really like. But we don’t feel like any of them are “the one”. They don’t fit our questions very well. So we are looking at more houses. After we got home I sent our realtor 15 more houses I want to look at. WHEW!

I don’t think I realized how many houses were out there. And with our tiny price tag and my picky list, I think this might take some time. It’s hard not to rush it, but I don’t want to make a wrong decision about something as big as a house! Who knows if we’ll be able to move again in 5-7 years? Only the Lord knows!

If we come to your mind, please pray for God to lead us to the house that will work for our budget and for our family. We are excited and now just trying to find the time to go check out these houses!

One thought on “House Hunting Adventures Abound in St. Louis

  1. I find shopping for a new house to be terribly, frighteningly overwhelming. So I can understand wanting to take your time. I can also understand wanting to get established and set up your new life here. Hang in there and yes, I’ll be praying. 🙂

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