Confessions of a Thirty-One Weeker…

Sunday night, I bought a swim suit. I’m not kidding. And you know what? I didn’t feel terrible about myself! In fact, I think it’s dang cute on me, not just on the hanger! It’s got those cute ruched sides with little ties on them so even after baby hopefully I won’t look awful in it.

Here’s the top:

Liz Lange® for Target® Maternity Racer-Back Tankini Swim Top - Black/White
cutie Target Maternity swim suit top...this is not me however 😉

and here’s the bottom:

Liz Lange® for Target® Maternity Hipster Swim Skirt - Ebony
Yikes! Is this too risque? Also not me.

My line of thinking is that I’m a sun-lover. I adore, cherish, drink in and worship the One who created the sun. Because I love the sun! And I already told you I’m dreaming of laying in it. And just thinking about being all warm and sun-kissed makes me feel dreamy. Somehow the swim suit was a must. I mean, I can’t be falling out of my pre-prego swimsuit postpartum and I’m CERTAINLY not staying AWAY from the pool. EGADS! What a suggestion. *Don’t worry, Cecelia will be in the shade.*

Today, I plan to finish painting Cecelia’s room. We bought the paint this weekend and I cut in the room yesterday. Today is all the fun stuff. The color I picked was a Disney color actually, called Lullaby Green. I’m hoping it ends up looking like this:

I love this stencil from Etsy and the white crib.
The design on my crib bedding matches the wall vinyl and the color of her walls is pretty similar to the one in the pic...if not a little brighter.

or at least fairly close. Our crib is a blonde wood and the bedding is different than what is here. I’m thinking above the crib wouldn’t this chandelier vinyl be oh so cute?

Cute wall decal from Land of Nod $30.00
Chandelier vinyl

Can you tell I  have baby on the brain? Poor Jeremy…pray for him. I’m nesting like crazy. I’ve already started thinking of those things that drive husbands bonkers. For example, in my mind, we MUST clean the carpets before she comes.  I dunno, it just feels very pressing. And I might need to reorganize the kitchen…and the closets in the hallway. And the garage.


Our husbands put up with so much when we are pregnant.

So Happy Tuesday to you and um, I’ll try and write something less pregnancy related later. No promises though…hormones dictate!

30 Weeks

This week I hit a milestone, 30 weeks pregnant. SHEW! I’m feeling it too.  I keep thinking of that scene from “So I Married an Axe Murderer” where the Dad is making fun of how huge and round his son’s head is. He call’s him “Sputnik” etc. “Spherical but quite pointy in parts”. Here, have a laugh at one of the best movies ever…besides Ferris. 

Anyhow, I feel like Sputnik. I’m pointy when a foot starts jabbing out my tummy! He he he he he… Getting on the scale each week is pretty much awful to a pregnant lady the last trimester. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we all know the baby can/needs to gain several pounds those last 10 or so weeks. But that messes with a girls head! I would love to NOT put on 10 more lbs. YIKES!

I’m so grateful the weather is getting more spring-like because I am itching to get outside for some fresh air and exercise. I’ve been doing my prego-yoga a few times a week and it feels so great! I can’t wait to combine it with the freshness of spring outside and all around me. I really want to take the boys on a hike at Powder Valley Nature Reserve or Castlewood or some place like that once the weather is nice. I think they would love it!

The boys are all set in their room and loving it. Cooper sweetly said to me that he really likes sharing a room with Chase. Isn’t he the best kid EVER? Melty…Chase has been loving it too. They play together in the morning and even will sit in one bed playing their Leapsters. I’ve got to get a picture of it one morning. They are so lovey-dovey sometimes it slays me.

I’ve cleaned out what is to be Cecelia’s room too. It’s ready to have the furniture moved and to get a few coats of paint. I’m so excited to see what’s in my head come to life. Jeremy even suggested we replace the white ceiling fan in her room with a pretty chandelier. EECCCK!!!! It’s starting to feel oh so real.

I’ve had a few people ask if we are done with having children after Cecelia joins us. Jeremy and I both feel really content with our family size as we get ready to welcome her. I feel a sense of peace and settlement like, yeah, this is us! Life will be so different with a little baby around…it’s hard for me to wrap my brain around it. But I feel a tremendous sense of joy and excitement at her impending arrival.  Jeremy and I are both looking at little girls in a different light (I.e. deer in the headlight kind of light!).

I don’t always love being pregnant. In fact, I can honestly say the ONLY thing I do like about it is feeling the baby move around. It’s a reminder that it is not all for nothing. All the little ways our bodies get taken over produces a new life. So ok, that’s worth it. 😉