Tales of Hibernation and German Children

Every now and again, there are some things that happen here on post that are funny in an endeering and ironic kind of way. My friend Stephanie and I muse together about said occurences on a regular basis; and at the risk of you guys not getting it, I thought I’d post a couple fun- filled-fact-resembling, minorly embellished stories of life on Ft. Lewis.

Here in Washington, the weather is giving us hints of letting up. It snowed randomely last week, but nothing accumulated. Since then, the sun has been out and the temperatures, while chilly, are on the up and up. This is significant because this winter, you may have thought everyone in your neighborhood up and died or something. Oh…that could be taken the wrong way…um, you know what I mean….sorry.

So people were scarce…..Then, as the sun has shown itself, people have been coming outside. And it’s rather hilarious to watch them come outside because we all look like a bunch of bears coming out of hibernation. No kidding-people are stretching like they’ve been asleep for months.

On a more personal note, a new family has moved in 4 houses down from me. Actually, the husband moved in a long time ago and the wife and children (2 boys) arrived maybe a month or more ago. We’ve chatted briefly once (at one of previously mentioned rendevous when Coop and I were outside playing and she was doing the same with her kiddos) and it was clear that she’s European of some sort. Turns out, she’s hard-core German. Her children speak ZERO english. Yet, these kids are very friendly as we soon discovered.

3 weeks ago, Jeremy was outside with Cooper cooking something on the grill. The German boys walked over and started chatting up Coop and Jer – who had absolutely no idea what they were saying. Cooper would look at Jer, then look at the kids, then look at Jer as if to say “Dad, what the heck are those kids saying?” all the while holding a huge, ear-to-ear grin so as not to offend the little guys. Jer just sat there saying things like “wow” and “really?” and “cool” he he he he…

Well, apparently that conversation “broke the ice” with the kiddos. Because while my mom was in town, a funny thing happened. I was in the kitchen and I heard something on my back porch. So I walked over to look out the window and the German kid is on my porch playing with whatever is out there. I open the door to say hi (because that’s kinda weird) and start talking to the kiddo and he just stares at me. Oh yeah…no english… So I say to my mom, “hey mom! don’t you speak some German?”.  Fun-filled-fact: I was born in Augsburg, Germany because my dad was stationed over there for a few years.

So my mom comes over to the door and asks the boy a few questions, he confirms that he in fact, does not speak any english. She asks him where his mommy is and he tells her in the house. She then tells him he should perhaps go get her. So he leaves…random.

Then, over the last couple of days, the boys have been taking Cooper’s toys off the porch and playing with them. But they don’t put them back and we find them all over the neighborhood. It’s weird to drive down the street and think,…huh, isn’t that Coop’s bike in the middle of the street? We’ve since put the toys in the garage because what do I say to the kids?

I think I need a basic German/English handbook. My other neighbor is German too, but she’s in New York right now. I think I need to call Christina Wagner….

Oh, by the way-GO CARDS!  Go Cards MED