Safe And Sound

Hey gang. Well, we arrived in St. Louis safe and sound. Cooper had one small melt-down moment when we were beginning our descent into St. Louis. Otherwise, he was pretty good. No crying, very obedient and only a little whining towards the end. What a trooper! Poor kid. My only concern is that he’s not really eating. He’ll nibble and snack a little here and there but won’t eat anything substantial. I’m a little worried, but I know he’s been through this before. So he may just be getting the last of his teeth.

We’ve had lots and lots of fun so far. On Monday, we recovered from our late night then went and met Grandma Morbelli (Jeremy’s Mom) and Uncle Chub (Justin is Jeremy’s Brother) and Cousin Cora (Justin and Jen’s daughter) for lunch.  It was a grand time. Cora is so big and so cute. What a little personality she has – very silly and ladylike. Then we said hi to some friends at G-ma M’s office and then headed back over to G-ma Richard’s (my mom) office for more hellos and such. Cooper really enjoyed seeing the printing presses running at full speed. (My mom is the CFO of a printing company) Then we swam and played in the sprinklers with Papa Richards. Whew…what a day. (I’ll post pics on Flickr when I get home.)

Today we met up with some very special friends – my spiritual direction group – and enjoyed some lovely time together with lunch and the kids swimming together. Tonight, we are going to “The Hill” to have dinner at Lemongrass – a yummy thai place. Jess and Mom are going to the Muny, so me and Papa and Cooper will come home so they can go watch Grease.

We are looking forward to lots more playing and swimming while we are in town. Cooper LOVES the pool so very much. I was so surprised with his no-fear approach and the trust he has exhibited. We put arm floaties on him and he is really trying to swim! G-ma Richards and I were having him “swim” back and forth between us and he really did pretty well! He especially liked jumping into the pool though. I would put him up on the deck and he would jump into the water and into my arms. Pretty brave!

It’s nice to be hot – makes swimming way fun. However I forget how sweaty and swollen I get….ICK! Right now a thunderstorm is rolling over head. The trees are whipping all around! That should cool things off for a bit.

My buddy Michelle told me a really neat thing today. She said that MOPS International has a little writers group I could get into. I’ve gotta chat with her again to get more info – but I thought that sounded really fun!

By the way, I’ve been talking to Jer a bit yesterday and today. I think this afternoon/evening is the last I’ll get to talk to him until Friday, but at least I get to talk to him. He said the tests he’s taken have been VERY hard and that he’d like prayer for the next couple of days. Starting tonight, he’ll begin the land navigation section of this gig and he’s really nervous about it. It’s hard to know where you’re going at night and to be all sneaky-sneaky…. He said that tomorrow morning they have a physical test which is essentially, a “smoke session” for the guys who have been up for 24 hours. That’ll be really hard. So please pray for Jer. The lack of sleep over the next 3 days will be the most challenging thing to overcome.

I’m still thinking ’bout that Thriller dance. Crystal…I CAN’T believe you squished Desi on that one! What fun! C’mon!