Chase’s Crib Set and Decor!

How cute is this set? Well, I was going ’round and ’round about what I liked for Chase’s room. I didn’t want anything that had a “theme” per say, like we did with Cooper’s room and airplanes. I just wanted something simple and cute. That way, when we are done with our Army gig and move into a house, he will be old enough to choose (or we will know him well enough to choose for him) some kind of “theme” for his room.

So, mom/grandma and Coop and I were at Marshalls today. Let me just stop here and say I LOVE MARSHALLS forever and ever amen. We found this darling set at a steal price and we didn’t know how great of a deal it was till we came home and looked it up.

We looked up this JJ Cole crib set called “green tiles” and found it retails for about $170.00! Guess how much we paid for it? (Well, Grandma bought it for Chase.) $60! AHHHHHH! What a steal! And we are mix-matching such cute stuff to go with it! Currently, I am loving the accessories and wall decals for Amy Coe’s Simply Swirls sets-even though they don’t technically “go” with it. I think they look fun!

How cute is this stuff? I’m just dying. Mom and I are having so much fun. And check out this dope thing we found. A diaper caddy?

It’s so cute and functional! What an idea…not like I couldn’t make a basket and do the same thing, but you know.

So anyway, had to share that cute stuff. Babies R Us even has these fun decals that are chocolate brown swirls like the background on one of those wall art puppy pics. Too fun! It’s so fun planning for a new baby!

Pretty Baby Schock Shower!

Even though it wasn’t my shower, I’ve gotta say that Amber, Crystal and I throw a cute party! Everything was so beautiful, the food was delicious and Shari got some seriously cute stuff. It was so fun to celebrate her and all the joy that comes with a little baby.

Adeliz made these super baby onsie cookies-YUM! She also made cupcakes and a cute onsie cake for Shari.

Here’s the spread; the menu included chicken salad, croissants, scones, sausage cheese balls, caesar salad in parmesean cups, grapes and cupcakes. Everything was made from scratch…well, not the croissants.

It was a REALLY windy day so pardon our hair. But here’s us girls; from left to right this is Amber, Shari, me and Crystal.