Deep Thoughts

This has been an insane summer. In fact, looking back, 2006 and 2007 were nuts. I’ve had a lot of reflection time lately. And we’ve had family in town all summer – which is always good for reflection time. Your mom can help you reflect….wink, wink….if you know what I mean.

Any way, I’m pretty sure that I was depressed for a while when we moved here in March. I think once we got here it all kind of hit me – like a mack truck. Everything that we had done so that this ARMY thing could happen. Moving on post has really helped since then and having family in town has helped too. Here is my mind’s picture – imagine those oceanographies you see where there are divers swimming through all those kelp beds. There’s no jaws music or anything – it’s not scary – just floaty….I feel like I’m slowly floating through those kelp beds just weeding stuff out of my soul. Is that too deep for a new post? No pun intended…..

Regardless, I think I’m walking out of the fog – or should that be swimming out of the kelp? The house is being pulled together….if ever so slowly. We’ve got just a few more curtains, shelves and pictures to hang and some more flowers to plant…then I’ll feel moved in “officially.”

MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) starts on September 18 and the FRG (family readiness group) is already getting up and off the ground. So things are gearing up for the fall. Jeremy and I found out that he’ll be in Yakima (eastern Washington state ARMY training facility) for 2 weeks in December. He probably won’t be done until December 22. I don’t think I could handle being alone in December….my FAVORITE month, so Cooper and I will probably fly home December 1 and stay for the whole month. Jer will have to meet up with us later. It makes me sad, but it’ll be good to be home for a bit and to catch up with everyone without all the pressure that can mount with holidays and such. Christmas was awful last year…so hopefully this year is better. Much, much, much better.

Ok…well, our company should be here shortly. (Jeremy’s brother Justin, his wife, Jen, and their daughter Cora flew in tonight) I’m pooped – so I’m going to head up to bed and wait till I hear movement. Chat at ya later……I have less deep things to say (or more deep things if you want to call me!)

“And there was much rejoicing”

Major thanks to Andrew Svolopoulos for helping us get our PC up and running! I’m back online – YAY!! I’ve been going into SERIOUS withdrawls. I’ve got the house together and can’t wait to show you guys pics and chat online! I just can’t wait to get some conversations rolling again.  Gotta run to a potluck at the Schock’s house, but I’ll see if I can’t get on tomorrow to upload pics to the flickr site and to put more info here.