Life Stuff in the Calm Before the Storm

I’ve had a major case of writers block for the old blog here lately. I am lacking vision! I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this struggle, which makes me feel better. Thus, the list of “life stuff” we’ve got going on is as follows:

>>Fall is fast approaching in Washington and I am so very sad. The trees are changing already! I am not ready to be in the gloom of winter in the Pacific Northwest. Oh what I would give for blue skies and sun with freezing air and snow all around for winter! Boooo! Booo to rain and constant grey skies! In the mean time, if you see me outside laying in the grass on a nice day, it’s just because I’m storing up for the winter. Pardon my craziness.

>>Back in August, I signed Cooper up for the Strong Beginnings Pre-K program here on post. I was totally annoyed with Child and Youth Services at the time because the gal at the desk was not actively listening to me. It drives me crazy when people are side- tracked and don’t give you their full attention.

Thus, today when I called to check on the wait list status for Cooper, the gal on the phone told me that he wasn’t on the correct wait list. The lady who I originally enrolled him in school with (Ms. Not a Good Listener even though I told you three times) put him on the list for latch key services. I cannot tell you how many times I told this woman that yes, I know he is 5, but no, we are not putting him in Kindergarten. I want him in preschool.

The situation got fixed today and the gal told me there were still openings for the school. She encouraged me to keep calling every day this week and I should have my slot before Friday. WHEW! It was a huge relief. We have an open house to go to for his school on Wednesday morning and I’m excited to get some more information. I’m kind of a detail freak about that kind of stuff.

>>On the running front, I’m still sticking with it and it IS getting better. Mostly because the weather has not included rain the last couple times I’ve run and I learned how to breathe better. (Plus, I finally got my MP3 player up and going with some good music!) I hit a wall at 2 miles each time I run and just feel like I need to stop. I’m trying to push through it. Apparently I have the wrong foot equipment and am now a proud owner of two painful blisters on the arches of my feet. I did some research and showed my husband my socks (he laughed at me and said that my “fashionista” socks were a bad choice for running). I think my shoes are just getting broken in (and I overpronate??? so that’s probably part of it) and the sock thing is apparently bad. Who knew that just trying to run would cause so many issues. I didn’t know that I had to have “athletic” socks. Why can’t my little socks just work? Yes…because they give me blisters. Next step is to run 3 miles. GULP.

>>Speaking of my MP3 player, I have a couple favorite songs I like to run with. I’m in love with Black Keys and Gorillaz…and Jer loaded some Beastie Boys on there. Here’s the song from Black Keys that I like, um, don’t watch the video in front of your kids. It’s funny, but well, there is some flipping of the bird that goes on.

>>I was asked a while back to be a table leader for MOPS this year. I am not sure what is next for us so didn’t want to commit to it. But Crystal was asked to do it too and we thought if we shared the job it would make whatever transition that comes next a bit easier. So I’m a table leader for MOPS! Tomorrow is the first day and I’m excited. This group is so fun and encouraging. I love meeting new moms and all the other great stuff that comes with it. I laugh every time I go and that is worth so much to my heart. I love to laugh!

>>Jer is still working on his resume and hoping to have that finished by this weekend. It’s weird to be looking for a job, but kind of exciting too!

>>This weekend, one of our Army friends is getting married and Jeremy is officiating! AH! He’s totally like Joey….”how YOU doin?” The couple are already legally married, so this is their ceremony and reception that makes it all official to the public and such. I’m super excited because we bought Jeremy a nice black suit (that he will look SMOK’IN hot in) and I have a super fun dress with patent leather crimson red heels. YAY for opportunities to look pretty! I’m so excited!

>>I made my Pumpkin Cranberry muffins today and I’m just going to take this opportunity to toot my own horn. They are GOOD and good for you! Check ’em out! I also tried my hand at a real cheesecake this weekend and it’s pretty tasty even with many less calories!

That’s about all I’ve got. I cannot wait for Monday when school starts. Somehow, that means life starts. I’m not sure why, but whatever. đŸ˜€