Today, I was flipping through the latest edition of Real Simple Magazine, and I got to one of those annoying sections of the magazine where there is a card or ad of some sort. You know the kind; the one that makes the pages in the magazine NOT fall right so you have to crease the magazine, and push it down. (I was nursing while reading this magazine so it was a bit of a bother.)

After fumbling with the magazine, I realized it was a paint ad from Glidden..I was immediately sucked in! The colors advertised were oh so pretty together and they sounded so nice…Crisp Ginger Ale, Fresh Hyacinth and Black Tulip –  I was hooked. I tore it out (or tried as best I could with one hand) immediately to put in my special folder.

See, I have this little folder all nicely tucked away in my filing cabinet. It’s  something very near and dear to my heart; I call it  “My Dream House” folder. It has all sorts of stuff crammed into it: paint samples, fabric samples, carpet samples, and lots and lots of pictures from magazines. Pictures of dishes, of furniture, of yards and art; you get the picture. I think that folder is my happy place!

I am a bit of a dreamer. And for some reason, having a house and decorating it plays a big part of my dreams. I think a lot of women have specific dreams growing up; dreams of their wedding day, of being a mom or a teacher. I have a lot of friends who say things like “I just always knew I wanted to be a mom”. For me, I just always knew I wanted to have a house to decorate all myself!

Being in a house we borrow from the Army, I don’t have the opportunity to play like I would like to with where we are now. But tearing out magazine pages is really fun for me. Every time I need a little pick me up, I can just go to my folder, open it up and relive all the things I just love dreaming about doing to my own house one day!

In fact, I was thinking today (when I was dreaming of Crisp Giner Ale, Fresh Hyacinth and Black Tulip) that maybe I should scrap book my folder! It’s getting pretty big and I think it would be really fun to work on. Maybe that’ll be another one of my deployment projects. Oh…I haven’t told you guys about that yet huh? That’ll have to be the next post.

If you ever find yourself sans-inspiration, I highly recommend making a dream folder of your own. It’s immense fun!

4 thoughts on “Dream a Little Dream with Me

  1. Oooooo! You should come over and bring your dream house folder and I’ll get out mine and we’ll compare and share ideas!! What fun!

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