Hey guys! I got to talk to Jeremy this morning and he is well.  He got to go on a “date” with his good friend, Casey yesterday. They went to an air-conditioned restaurant (on the base) and had a real sit-down meal. He was delighted to even have some adult conversation!

Anyway, he wanted me to send out an email announcement, but this is easier.  (And not an OPSEC violation,…uh-hum…so you can stop reading now.)

He wanted me to let you guys know that it would be really helpful if everyone could hold off on packages for about one week. He is running out of room in his back pack and bags and doesn’t have a place to put the stuff we are sending! So, he said thank you for the packages and he still wants them, but wait one week to send them so he has some space for them.

Letters are great though! So please send those to him. He’ll love it. If you need his address and haven’t received it yet, post a comment here so I can add you to my email list. I’ll keep you guys updated!

PS-if you already left me a comment on a previous post, then I’ve already added you to the list!

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