Cooper is crazy sick. I can only do my mommy assessment for so long-we finally have a doc appointment today after this long holiday weekend. I think it all started the week of Thanksgiving. I noticed a little cough on Monday and didn’t think much of it. But by Tuesday night it was worse and then really full blown on Wednesday-I was worried. It was the most intense at night – he’d have these coughing spasms where it was like he couldn’t breathe. I got out my handy-dandy pediatricians manual (from my most favorite pediatrician in St. Louis who I miss like the dickens!), and checked out my ideas – I decided it sounded like croup. But the book says there isn’t anything you can do about it in terms of curing it-no medicines or anything. Just humidifiers and liquids. So after a couple of really scary nights he does seem to be doing better. Until there was Friday….

On Friday, Cooper developed full blown pink eye. His eye has been leaking a green mucas…I know – it’s so gross! And of course, doctors don’t work on the weekends – especially holiday weekends. So I called the doc yesterday morning and got an appointment for today. Good thing because it’s spread to his other eye. Yesterday morning (and Saturday and Sunday morning ) he woke up looking like a pirate…his one eye was pasted shut with all kinds of dried mucas. YUCK! Arrrgggghhh me maties…

Then this morning, Cooper had BOTH eyes pasted shut. At 5 am, I heard him crying and bumping into the walls in his room. I went in and he was standing in the corner (behind the door), clutching blankie with his arms out trying to find the door to come into our room. He was a little freaked out over the fact that he couldn’t see. Jeremy had the glorious job of wiping the 1/4 inch thick crusties off his eyes this morning so he could open them! UGH!

So doctor today at 2:30pm. Thank God. Jer and I are so afraid we are going to get it next. Wouldn’t that just be perfect? We have family pics at the end of the month…hope it comes and goes long before then!

Remind Me on the Bad Days….

Cooper has been a real delight lately. In fact, he’s down right cracking us up. So far this age is pretty fun – even with the temper tantrum’s and all other aforementioned issues and embarrassments. Here are a couple of our favorite incidences from this past week:

-I usually get about 4 or 5 books off his shelves to read for a week and we rotate around them each night before bed. We switch them out every so often. I think we usually read 2 or 3 before bed. This past week we’ve been reading “My Crayons Talk” by Patricia Hubbard. It’s a tongue twister book that goes through colors and it’s got pretty catchy short rhymes. “Talk, talk, my crayons talk. Yack, yack, yackitty, chit chat clackity, yackity clackity talk, talk, talk.” Anway, Cooper has been asking for that book and some others by name. He says, “Talk, talk, Crayons, talk” and when we get to a couple pages he can tell us what the rhyme is! He’s remembering them! One of the other books is called “On the Night You Were Born” and it’s a real tear jerker all based on Psalm 139. He knows that one too!

-Cooper loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Every episode, to make the clubhouse appear you have to say the magic words – Meeska, Mouska, Mickey Mouse – Cooper says them!

-Cooper has been praying for his food by himself. He asks to pray and scolds me when I forget. His prayers go something like this “Jesus, thank you my food and my friends, amen.”

-Last night Cooper prayed before bed by himself. He prayed “Jesus, thank you my friends, and, and, and, for, for, foooooorrrrrr, Nick, Amy, Andrew-amen.”

-Cooper is into hiding – but he’s not very good at it yet. He covers his head with his blanket and walks around with his hands out saying “Where’s me go?” Then he pulls his blanket off and says “There’s me!” He also plays this game with his plate at dinner – which is less funny when something is on his plate. Though funny when he says, “Where’s my fork go?” b/c it’s hidden by the food on his fork….

-Cooper has been having some coughing attacks. He’ll get a really bad one and I get worried you know – because he can’t BREATHE! But he always reassures me when he’s done by saying “I al-wight.” In fact, he’s so used to telling me that he’s alright after one of these attacks that at night when I hear him coughing in the monitor, I also hear him announcing, “I al-wight” when he’s done.

-He likes to walk around talking to us with his tongue out. He tries to have entire conversations while his tongue is sticking out as far as possible.

I think that’s about it for this week’s funnies. He is excited about “fly big air-pane, St. Woo-is” this next Saturday. He has pink eye right now – so we are experiencing a little cabin fever this weekend. Poor kiddo!