I’m not quick on the draw. If this was the wild west, I’d be dead or at least considerably wounded. Apparently, I need to work on that because I have had 2 deer-in-the-headlight situations in the past two days.

Yesterday, I was on the phone with Sallie Mae on student loan stuff-and this guy had such a crazy french accent that I could barely understand him. (Monty Python and the Holy Grail caliber “outrageous french accent”.) But he must have been from the Carribean because it was sooooooo thick. And his voice was really deep. It was rough. Then I had the TOTAL STUPIDITY to actually attempt to say a little something in french. I told him I know a little (emphasizing a little) and then told him I make mistakes. Then he startes rattling some french stuff off to me and I was like WHOA, monsier! Alor! Parlez lentement si vous plait! Speak slowly dude. It was fun to pretend a little. But I had that thing well up in me where I got so annoyed with myself. I can really speak a little french, but I got so nervous that I got dumb American on the guy.

Then today, I had another deer in the headlight situation. I finally emailed that paper about writing. He sent me 2 stories to write due 12/7! I didn’t know what to say. Um…I’m going out of town,….I didn’t think you would want me….um…you have never met me….seen my resume…are you serious?

That’ll show me to have expectations. Crapola.. (that’s my favorite word today)

I need to work on my gun slinging skills. It doesn’t matter if you can talk the talk unless you can walk the walk.

If I had sound effects, a gun slinger one would be here. So insert gunslinger sound in your head. Paa-ching!

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