Jeremy told me this story over the phone today, and it took me a while to realize the importance of it. Once I did, I thought it was something I should share with everyone. I think often times we struggle so much with loss and sadness as we try to understand why bad things happen. But I think we also forget to praise Him when good things happen. So here is my praise of the good.

Jeremy was…not at his home base we’ll say, because he was getting his Stryker repaired. He was away for several days and on the day it was time to head back “home” he and his team didn’t leave in the time frame they were hoping to leave within. In fact, they left about an hour later than they had planned to leave.

They do finally leave and begin the journey “home” and as they are traveling, they see up ahead EOD (Explosive Ordinance Division) detonating a HUGE IED that they had discovered…one hour earlier.

Some soldiers on patrol saw the bad guys arming this device and called it in just in time to take care of said bad guys and clear the IED.

Whew. If they would have left when they had “planned” to leave, they would have had a very different kind of day.

“Thank you Lord, for your protection over Jeremy and his fellow soldiers!”

Jeremy says this was a yucky day-the Stryker was broken...a different time
Entering a compound...the man looks like he needs a sandwich


6 thoughts on “Jesus’s Protection Over Jeremy

  1. Oh my – big lump in my throat. It’s easy sometimes to think that things are hunky dory over there but those guys are in danger! We will continue to pray. Thanks for sharing that story with us, and I l-o-v-e the pictures of Jeremy. Lee is jealous…he looks like such a manly guy. Even I want to grunt when I see those shots!

    1. Thanks so much Kelli. I think it is easy for us to remove ourselves from the issue because so little is reported about Afghanistan in the main stream media. Having Jeremy there has helped me to understand what is going on. It is sad that the average American would truly have to dig deep to figure out what’s happening there.

  2. Tiffany; the Lord shows us again and again how he has his hand of protection over Jeremy…WOW! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story, gave me goosebumps! GOD IS GOOD!

  3. Praying for Jeremy while you sleep, Tiff! It is a good reminder that the Lord God is our Protector- He is faithful and He never sleeps! You are doing such a great job with your sons- praying for your daily strength and patience- and for Jeremy’s protection, witness to others and his heart to be encouraged daily. Love from Italia- Jen

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