We are sick.  Bleh!

Cooper has a nasty cough/cold thing going on and I have a cough and stomach thing going on. Good times. Chase is the superhero of immunity though. Somehow, he has escaped all this. I’m praying he continues to stay well!

I don’t really have one topic of discussion on this lovely Monday afternoon, so it seems that bullet points are in order. Monday is a good day for bullets…

  • Talked to Jeremy today. He gave me some estimated dates of all sorts of fun stuff…like the Ball and Ceremony and personal leave we get to take part in. That was fun to start thinking about. Hhmmm….I’m excited to buy a dress and even more motivated for the next bullet point.
  • I’m losing weight! Yeah! I’ve had a goal (it’s a sissy goal but a goal none the less) of working out in some form at least 3 times a week and so far, I’ve met or exceeded my goal each week.  I could do better and push myself way more though (I really am a big baby about this kind of thing). So the smaller jeans I just bought and the impending ball are all good motivation.
  • Now that we have “sprung” forward, I’m setting a new goal for myself. If it is nice outside, I’m going to walk/run with the kiddos either before or after dinner as often as possible. And that is outside of my other 3 times a week goal. As previously stated, I’m a big baby about this kind of thing so we’ll see how it goes. The good news is that my babies ADORE being outside so they hold me to it.
  • Chase took one step the other day. He can now stand in the middle of the floor, holding on to nothing at all, for as long as he feels is necessary to stand there. It’s actually really funny to see him just stand up in the middle of the floor. It always cracks me up. I try to get him to walk but he’s such a cautious little man. I wonder who he gets that from….
  • Today, I mailed Jer a package in Dupont, took the kids to the park across the street from the post office, and then went back into town to Forza for some gilato (feels good on the throat!). We’ve been cooped up in the house and it was nice to enjoy the fresh air. I think it might even be 60 outside!
  • While I was in Forza, this lady was super rude and I was mad about it and did nothing, so I’m going to gripe about it to you. I walked in, no one was in line. The gal behind the counter began helping me. I got our ice cream and while she was scooping, a lady walked up to the counter and stood at the cash register. I thought, surely she sees me standing here being helped. Well, the cashier goes over to ring me up and this lady orders-totally ignoring me. I’m standing there with my ice cream and my kids like “uh…am I invisible?” The cashier totally ignores me too! Then I’m thinking, “ooh, free gelato?” Still, everyone is ignoring me.  The cashier/barista finishes the gals order, makes her coffee and still never says a word to me. When I go up to pay she says nothing. Tells me my total, gives me my change and that’s it. Seriously? Sure…no prob. How ’bout saying, “I’ll be right with you, I’m with a customer” to the other lady? Ppsshaaaahhhh
  • I get to go pick up Chase’s pictures on Friday! I can’t wait to get them and start hanging new pics around the house.
  • Last night, our couch bit the dust. There is now a giant hole in the upholstery on the cushion and a small tear on the other side, so this isn’t a “just-flip-it-over” kind of gig. And I don’t do slipcovers. My couch does not need a dress. I guess after 8 years of marriage, furniture does that. Especially when someone else owned said couch before you did! So, now I’m in the hunt for an inexpensive couch. I have heard that the Cannery in Sumner is a good place to look. Any other suggestions?

That’s about it. I think chicken noodle soup will be in order this evening. We’ll also be watching lots of tv. I guess being sick isn’t all bad.


6 thoughts on “Evening Gowns, Smaller Jeans and Rude Chicks

  1. But then again….sounds like you have everything clean and under control anyway! It will great to see you next month!

  2. Sorry your experience was not the WOW I hope to hear about. I will pass on the comments and use this as a training exercise. Shoot me an email and I will send you a gift card.

    Ciao, brad

  3. I sure hope you guys get over this crud. I’m soooooooo proud of you by the way on your weight loss! We should go looking for some dresses for the BALL! It was so much fun last time together 🙂

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