A Little on Jeremy, A Little on Me and the Boys

I’m feeling like I should post something on the ol’ blog…but I’m a little teched out with all my updates on email and facebook. (I hope I’m not wearing all of you out too!) Can you be technologically tired? Is that just T.M.I.? It’s that or it could be that it is late right now. My mom will tell me to go to bed. Right mom?

BTW-If you didn’t get my latest email about Jeremy-I sent it earlier today-and you want to be added to The List, just leave me a comment telling me to add you and I will.

Anyway, I heard from Jeremy today! YAY! It was the best 5 minutes I’ve had since last week when I heard from him. 🙂 He’s doing well by the way. As many of you know, the company suffered our first combat related death last week, Troy O. Tom. It was a hard week, but not just for me. Jeremy said it was the hardest 96 hours in his whole life. He is sending me a letter explaining those 96 hours and I’m anxious to receive it.  You can read about Tom’s death here. Jeremy said the guys had a memorial service today for him and it was very helpful as he grieved Tom’s loss. I only met Tom a couple of times, but Jeremy knew him well.

Jeremy sounded really chipper on the phone. My friend later pointed out that it was 1 in the morning when he called! I was surprised he was so awake that late. It was great to hear his voice. Cooper got to talk with him too. I think they both enjoyed that.

Today, that call was just what I needed. I was praying and hoping he would call sometime this week as I had heard that a lot of the other wives had heard from their hubbies. It was really uplifting to my heart to hear how he is doing and to know I could trust it because I could hear it in his voice.

I’ve taken to calling August “The Month That Will Not End” because it has just drudged by so slowly.  I think that despite this month passing so slow, we are really starting to get into a good routine. Chase’s earlier bedtime has helped me TREMENDOUSLY! And I think it has helped Chase too.  I’ve really enjoyed that one hour alone I get with Cooper. Plus, since both the kids are down by 8 pm, I am able to settle down a bit earlier. I’ve gotten to bed before 11 pm several times this past week! WOO-HOO! I’m so proud.

School starts for Cooper in 2 weeks. I’m freak’in out. I don’t do change very well. Transitions are tough for me.  It is unsettling to me. You may laugh, but I’ve prayed for peace about my decision to send Cooper to this private school. It was actually a tough decision for me because of the financial commitment and because of the fact that Cooper really has 2 years before he’ll start Kindergarten. Most likely, we will not send him to school again next year.

Jeremy and I hemmed and hawed over this because we have no idea what next fall will be like for us as a family. Jeremy will be home from Afghanistan (YAY!) and he is technically out of the Army in February of ’11. We are still praying through our next decision and asking the Lord to show us what would be best for our family given the state of our economy and how difficult it would be for Jeremy to apply for jobs from so far away.  Cooper would start Kindergarten in the fall of ’11 and we think we’d be back in St. Louis by then. Our plan from that point on is to have Coop in public school. So the inbetween year will be weird.

In the end, we just decided to give Cooper this full year of a good Christian preschool and then I’ll homeschool him next year. We can always re-evaluate next summer, but for now that is the plan.

It’s crazy to think that we are making all these plans for something that feels so far away. I always joke with Jeremy that we have to have “Plan A” and then contingency plans “B”, “C”, “D”, “E” and “F” because of how crazy life in the Army is!

Ok, I’ve rambled on a lot! I am off to bed. More later!

My Life As a Rock Star Mom

This is a HILARIOUS little story taken from the MomSense Magazine for July/August that MOPS International puts out. It’s a great way to think about our position as moms.


by Melinda Coats

I live the life of a rock star.

It’s true!

I have wild hair and make-up with frequent costume changes.  Everywhere I go I have an entourage. People are constantly YELLING my name. I look out into the crowd and they are actually CRYING for me, REACHING for me.

I have no privacy. I’m watched when I shower, when I’m cooking, even when I use the restroom…for my own protection, I’m sure.

When I go places I must do so quickly before my fans get out of control and start a riot. Every night a different guy wants to sleep with me. Each of them seem genuinely hurt when I turn him away.

Occasionally, I get dirty undergarments whirled at me with a “whoop” and a smile. It’s even hard sometimes to walk through my home without someone spotting me and trying to grab my legs or my clothing!

Oh, and don’t forget about the stalkers! You know those crazed fans that follow you EVERYWHERE? Why, I can’t even talk on the phone in the pantry without an eye or two peeping in at me.

Yes, it’s true-I live the life of a rock star. And this goes out to my three biggest fans- Xavier, Zerach and Zidon-thanks for making my debut so special!


Ha ha ha ha! Hope you guys laugh as hard as I did when I read this. Walk around with sunglasses on all day today and remind yourself that you are a ROCKSTAR!