This is a HILARIOUS little story taken from the MomSense Magazine for July/August that MOPS International puts out. It’s a great way to think about our position as moms.


by Melinda Coats

I live the life of a rock star.

It’s true!

I have wild hair and make-up with frequent costume changes.  Everywhere I go I have an entourage. People are constantly YELLING my name. I look out into the crowd and they are actually CRYING for me, REACHING for me.

I have no privacy. I’m watched when I shower, when I’m cooking, even when I use the restroom…for my own protection, I’m sure.

When I go places I must do so quickly before my fans get out of control and start a riot. Every night a different guy wants to sleep with me. Each of them seem genuinely hurt when I turn him away.

Occasionally, I get dirty undergarments whirled at me with a “whoop” and a smile. It’s even hard sometimes to walk through my home without someone spotting me and trying to grab my legs or my clothing!

Oh, and don’t forget about the stalkers! You know those crazed fans that follow you EVERYWHERE? Why, I can’t even talk on the phone in the pantry without an eye or two peeping in at me.

Yes, it’s true-I live the life of a rock star. And this goes out to my three biggest fans- Xavier, Zerach and Zidon-thanks for making my debut so special!


Ha ha ha ha! Hope you guys laugh as hard as I did when I read this. Walk around with sunglasses on all day today and remind yourself that you are a ROCKSTAR!


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