They say silence is golden,…but I dunno, do you feel golden?

I’ve been silent for several years (Cue Tori Amos! Silent All These Years!) two to be exact.

It’s been hard for me in that time to decipher what I want for this blog. Originally it was to document my daily life and thoughts so that other people could see how my faith is wrestled out from the perspective of a Stay At Home Mom. I wanted to document the mundane life of a woman of faith and I think I accomplished it!

After my children began to grow older, I wasn’t so sure I wanted to share as much anymore. I think social media gives us the idea that we know someone without calling us to truly know them. We lose real face time in exchange for blogs and Facebook, and that challenged me to rethink what I say about myself and also my family. It also challenged me to work harder to get to know people in real settings rather than only engaging on social media platforms.

Additionally, I wasn’t so sure I wanted to share as much about my family. I want to keep that balance between airing what my kids struggle with and what I struggle with them, private and protected; for their own sake and for the stories of their own lives they are writing now.

In this silence these past two years, I’ve still been writing, behind the scenes in an unpublished sphere. I have a big voice that I don’t believe should be silenced. It would be untrue to who God has made me to be in this world! One thing I know for sure; I love to write and the writing I have done behind the scenes the past few years has only reminded me of this even more.

I have big prayers for what God will do in my life and with my life. I quit my job working full time when my first child was only 18 months old and we added two more lives since that time to our family. My career blossomed, was set aside for a time and now I hope to awaken some opportunities for myself (if God so blesses me!). So I’m starting my blog back up again.

I have been silent all these years in this space, but I’m learning how to use the voice that God has given me to speak. So I hope you will join me as I try something new in an old space. My goal is to remember my whole journey, and honor each stop along the way. I think the best place to do that is where I started. I’m going back to the beginning!


You told me to go back to the beginning, so I have.


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