It’s Monday! The next two weeks are actually fairly busy for us in the Nevil household. But it’s fun-busy stuff, so I’m getting excited! April is almost here! (Plus, that means fun blog posts all week! YAY!)

Tomorrow, I take a full heaping jump into my 30’s…I turn 31. No longer do I cling one step away from my twenties. It’s kinda sad and kinda wonderful all at the same time. If you ask me how old I feel, I’d say a solid 27.  The twenties were waaaaayyy fun years for me. I hope the thirties are EVEN BETTER!

Let’s play a fun game shall we? Tiffany “then” versus Tiffany “now”.

Fun after the wedding at 7Eleven! It WAS 103 that day!

There I am with my handsome hubby and wedding party on the afternoon of our wedding. It was 103 that day…so we stopped at 7Eleven for slurpies before heading to the Missouri Botanical Garden for pictures. I was 23 years old! I know you can’t see it that great…but whoa do I look so young!

And here is me last Thursday sporting the new couch I found on Craigslist.

Almost 31!

Tomorrow, for my big ol’ birthday, I am going down to Seattle to a fun restaurant called Lola’s, (which has been featured on Food Network!) and then to Pike Place with some friends. I’m so excited! Thanks to my friend Shari for watching my babies for me!

Then this Saturday is Cooper’s big auction for his school, Pugent Sound Christian School. All the money raised will go towards a structure over the playground so the kids can still play outside when it’s doing the light misty rain that is so typical of Washington.  Next Tuesday night is Cooper’s spring program at school. He has 3 lines in the Easter program this year and I am so proud of him for volunteering himself to speak the lines and for how hilariously cute he is being about it all. I know, I know…I still haven’t sent people video of the Christmas program. I’m just busy guys!

That’s all I’ve got for today. Hope your week is looking shiny and oh by the way, Jeremy is doing good and has now moved into a CHU (Containerized Housing Unit)…again. April 1 puts us at less than 90 days until he comes home-WAHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


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