I can’t stand waiting on repair guys. Mostly because it’s this crazy game. Last Friday, the on-post housing office said a repair man would be here between 12 and 4. But I had a party that started at 4.  That time came and went….but I kept waiting. He showed up at 4:30 pm as I was getting Cooper strapped into his carseat.  (Which makes me even double mad because the trick or treat thing at the company was LAME-right girls?)

I was so ticked. I marched up to his van (because he was talking on his cell phone in the van…not knocking on my door) and I said, “you going in there?” he moved his phone away from his face -in a mildly annoyed manner-and said “yeah” and I replied, “Well, you’re late. You were supposed to be here by 4:00 at the latest and it is now 4:30 pm. I have a halloween party to go to and I’m not waiting on you any longer.” He looked a little shocked…taken a back and all. Now, usually that’s not the way I do things. I know you are ALWAY nice to the guys who come to fix things. But this ticked me off. I waited 4 hours! I had a ton of stuff I could’ve been doing. He told me to reschedule and quickly drove away. I plan to complain when I do reschedule.

But now, I’m waiting again-this time on someone else. Now my dryer is on the fritz…sometimes it dries clothes….sometimes it doesn’t really. (well, it dries…it just takes 5+ hours) This time, the Maytag guy is supposed to be here between 8 and noon. The problem is that I need the car today. Well…we all know Jer is doing EIB and he’s gone from like 5 am to 7 at night. We got lucky today and he had the chance to come home after pt. We were up at 6:45 am (rather than 4:30 am which is what could have happened). He got here at 7. I threw on some clothes and put my hair up and out the door we ran. I was home by 7:45 am. Whew…but no time for a shower.

Now…Amy is making fun of me and my no-shower-state that I am complaining about. I know….I’m a princess, right Amy? Well…you know, not EVERYONE can look as good as you in the morning.  This (pointing to self) doesn’t happen over night… My dilemma is…what do I do? Do I attempt a quick shower? Knowing that if I do so the Maytag guy will show up just as I’m about to jump in or out? Or do I just brush my teeth and wash my face, and take a leisurly shower during Coop’s nap. Amy would say the latter.

Anyway…I don’t like waiting on repair guys.  I don’t think they perceive the fact that you are held captive for 4-5 hours straight…It’s not ok to be a couple minutes late when I’ve been waiting 4 hours. It’s just not. 12-4 means I can leave at 4:05. And 8-12 means that I am doing whatever I want at 12:05! HA!

Did I mention I am missing yet another fun thing today because of a repair guy? Geez. Coop could have been doing a costume march at the Y with Brayden. How cute would that be? They are such cute kids. Coop and Brayden


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