We called Katie at the housing office today. She said she won’t know until Tuesday whether or not we can move in any sooner than July 16. So we’ll be calling her back next week. The current resident is moving out but apparently, an inspector visits anytime you leave to see how long it’ll take to prepare the home for the next residents. So it depends on when she’s leaving and how long it’ll take the housing office to fix anything necessary before we move in.

We did ask if we could walk through one of the homes currently under renovation  – just to get an idea of what we’re looking at. She said that we can’t…but she thinks she can send us pictures! So yay pictures! If she sends them to me electronically, I’ll certainly post them on the flickr site.

In other news, my sister, Jessica, is visiting from St. Louis this weekend! Today, we went downtown to Pike Place Market. So fun! We had such a blast roaming around. The flower vendors are always our favorite part of the day and they didn’t disappointe today.  They had gorgeous arrangements full of poppies, peonies, lilies, delphinium, daisies, tulips, iris…oh! They were so pretty. Check out the pics on the flickr site http://www.flickr.com/photos/tiffanynevil

Tomorrow, we are going to the zoo and a fun park – Point Defiance.

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