National Dance Day 2010!

My favorite show is So You Think You Can Dance. I love, love, LOVE the show so much because it’s taught me to appreciate dance! I’ve always loved to watch people dance, but the criticism from the judges is so constructive and encouraging that I have learned things I never knew.

I have been watching the show for about 4 seasons now (I think) and I just can’t get enough of it! I saw that the show is promoting this new thing Nigel Lthygoe created called National Dance Day, which is July 31, by trying to get people to learn this “Nappy Tabs” routine. (Um, that’s Tabitha and Napoleon for all you non-show watchers.)The idea is to encourage people to just be healthy and get moving.

I watched the first part of the video and decided I should go to bed (it was approaching midnight, oiy) but, I really want to learn it! I did practice the first 3 parts. You know you wanna see it right? Here is the routine! Try it ok? It would be fun to see if we can video ourselves doing it and repost! EEEK! That makes me nervous. But how fun, right?

Monday and How I’d Interview Ty Pennington

I guess you could say that come Monday afternoon, I feel like it is my civic responsibility to update my blog.  Happy Monday!

This sense of blogging responsibility goes whether I really have something worthy to say or not. Which, I suppose, is sometimes unfortunate for my readers! (hence my subject for today’s post and the lack of pictures-sorry Amber!) But, I just hate it when I check my stats and they are through the floor on Monday night. WHEW! What a downer….he he he he

This past week was very busy. In fact, I thought for a moment that we had graduated from the “relaxed family” (defined as the family who eats dinner together and enjoys a nice evening at home together about every night of the week) to the “busy family” (defined as the family who eats dinner on the run and spends their evenings running kids to swim lessons, church meetings, Bible studies and such).  As a result of the afore-mentioned busy week, I slept all afternoon on Sunday. Ah….sweet bliss.

Because we were gone every night last week, we had to catch up on some of our favorite shows last night. Usually on Sunday nights, we watch AFV and eat popcorn before Coop goes off to bed. But last night it wasn’t on because Extreme Makeover Home Edition did a special on Ty Pennington! I’m no Ty-Swooning gal, but I do think he is a very interesting person and I’ve always wanted to know how in the world the man has a life outside of the show.

Last night’s show did a great job showing us some bloopers on the set and it was fun to take just a little peek into the life of a guy like Ty. However, I’m thinking that somebody needs to interview Ty for real. Maybe even the annoying Babwa Wawa could do it.  Who ever does it is fine, but I was thinking last night about all the questions I would have in an interview with Mr. Pennington. So here goes, and feel free to leave your burning questions for Ty in the comments!

Tiff’s Questions For Ty Pennington:

1. How has doing the show, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, changed you as a person? I.e. tell me about the pre-EMHE Ty and the post-EMHE Ty.

2. Tell me about some of the soul-moving things you have witnessed amongst the families that have been helped through ABC’s show. What are some of the lessons you’ve learned, some of the values you’ve seen and changed your mind on as a result?

3. In last night’s footage, they showed a few bloopers of your special projects that almost didn’t get pulled off. In them, while you were frustrated, you were incredibly calm under the pressure. You were kind to the people you were working with, you were ready to do whatever needed to be done (including a little dumpster diving) and you were respectful of others. That’s pretty remarkable in an age of shows like “Hell’s Kitchen” where that guy (don’t know his name) freaks out on people when things don’t go right and just tears people apart.  Talk to me about how you’ve learned to act/react under pressure when important things are on the line and how that has changed you and influenced the people around you.

4.  You and the team work a lot. In last night’s show, you said you are on the road 300 days a year! How have you learned to manage a schedule like that and what do you do about the important relationships in your life?

5. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

6. If you were to retire from EMHE, how would it change the priorities in your life? Do you foresee yourself “settling down,” is that something you want to do eventually, or do you see yourself continuing to take on these types of “others-based” charities and organizations?