‘Round the House in September

School has been in full swing since the first week of August. I have enjoyed a different routine with Cooper back in school and just Cecelia and Chase at home. I do get a little bored sometimes and I miss the go-go-go-think-later attitude of summer, but I’m working through that.

I am pretty sure I didn’t clean my house all summer. When I say “clean” I mean organize though. I cleaned it. I just kept throwing stuff in the wrong place. As I said above, my state of mind went something like this over the summer, “I don’t care how messy the house is, I only have a small window of time to enjoy the day and there will always be time to clean”.

So in August I pretty much wound up my summer activity loose ends (more playing minus one kiddo) and in September, I stayed home and tried to deal with the chaos I left for myself many, many moons ago. Chaos to me by the way, is towels in the wrong spot, toys in the wrong drawers, paperwork unsorted and lying in piles in various locations etc.

It was lovely to watch Cecelia continue to order her day into a more identifiable schedule. Chase plays so great by himself and is very good at occupying himself without needing me to hover over him.

September didn’t end up having a lot of photos because of this,but here are some fun pictures of us just around the house.

First, did I mention we finished painting the boys room FINALLY?

Look! All the walls are the SAME color! Mmmm…Mark Twain Oak….

We also FINALLY decided on some tile for the shower in our master bath!

TA DAAAAAAAAAA! We chose the grey penny round tile on the left.

Now we just have to get a whole bunch of supplies to float the tile and put it up (grout and all that stuff too). Sigh. I hope to have my shower by Thanksgiving. And I will give many, many thanks….

Our friends, the Crawford’s drove from Washington State all the way to Georgia and then South Carolina! They are moving across the country for Jacob’s job at Amazon. It was SO FUN to have them stay with us. Their son, Liam, is just a few weeks older than Cecelia.

it was bed time for the babies. so we all continued to talk and tried to get the babies to just go to sleep 😉
Baby Daddies!
The Crawford Crew!

We also enjoyed a visit with Doug Butte! Sadly, Doug is not in any of my pictures. But we seriously had fun at Five Guys with him. No…seriously.

eating outside with hyper little boys is good
This is what Cecelia did….

Chase worked on some lovely artwork:

by Chase

And Cecelia grew, and grew, and grew! I have so much fun dressing this little baby up. She’s a willing participant (for now) so I take full advantage of this.

she fell asleep, toys IN hand

so smiley!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chase’s FAVORITE thing to do is cuddle with his sister. It’s so adorable

I know, it’s off the charts cuteness, isn’t it?

Now, some of our friends have teased us by saying, “You know, you DO have two other children in your home, right?”.  Ha ha ha ha ha ha, yes, yes we do know that. And you know what? We did this same thing to each of them when they were little. We were just as infatuated with each of our babies in their time. Everyone gets a turn. It’s just Cecelia’s turn. 😉

Oh! And! Cooper lost both of his front teeth! Technically, this happened in October, but we’ll put it here.

All he wants for Christmas!