I Just Want to Believe

I’ve decided there is something that happens to people mid-way between 25 and 35: somewhere in there we become cynical. Maybe I shouldn’t automatically include you in my generalization here…I wouldn’t want to offend.

Ok, I am especially cynical towards the world in general; how governments work (or don’t), how I interact with the people around me (or how I should interact), and how I look at the future. Perhaps it is because I went through the school of hard knocks as I learned how to be independent in the world. Perhaps the responsibilities of adult hood and the weight they bring helped too.

Either way, there is a refreshing innocence that comes with being a young person. I think the 18-25 years olds of the world could teach us/me a lot.

I’m specifically thinking about politics in our good ol’ US of A these days. Today we are one year and one month away from a new Presidential election. Sigh with me ok?


I am finding myself so cynical about the not-close-at-all elections. The candidates look like total goofballs to me! It’s not that I don’t resonate with SOME of the things they are saying. It’s that I can’t take anyone seriously. It seems as if the name of the game is still who can throw out the best zinger and bash the other guy.

I believe in our government. I believe in capitalism. I believe that our disagreements in the parties even keep us balanced so the scales don’t tip too far in one direction.  But what I don’t believe in are the people who are stepping forward saying they are prepared to lead our country into economic recovery. Really?

Republican Candidates for 2012

I keep looking at the candidates and shaking my head. It makes me not even want to participate, not want to mentally check in at all or even put forth greater effort to educate myself on what these people believe. Because, when all is said and done, will they really be able to do it?

I want to believe. I truly do. But until March, I’m ignoring the characters and the circus surrounding them. I’m sure I’ll be fed up by May anyway…

Mean People Suck

When I was in high school, I drove a purple Honda civic hatchback. On the back of “Abe” I had a lovely sticker that said, “Mean People Suck” in cursive, pretty, writing with flowers and pretty colors everywhere.

It was prettier than this, but you get my drift.

I loved that sticker.

Why? Because I did and still do think that mean people suck.

Wanna see who I think is mean? These people.

A “no-kids-allowed” movement? Really? Seriously?

You know, this country needs some serious wake up calls.  What do you think will become of a nation of child-haters?

And who are these people kidding anyway? Hasn’t anyone told them what they were like as children? Don’t they understand that human beings are sinful from birth? That good parents are what makes good kids and that even then, children will mess up? Children are adults in training!!! Hello!!! They are not supposed to have their act together. They are not supposed to be perfect!

This year alone, I have had several altercations with total strangers regarding my children.  There was the guy in the library who shooshed my two year old when he spoke. I stood up to that guy and told him that I had it under control and he needed to chill out. Then there was that awful man at the Lavender farm in Eureka who called my son a “wreck” and banned me from the farm because my son cried when I was about to walk into his store. What a mean man!

Is that the kind of world we want to even raise children in?

Look. There are those of us who believe that children are a gift from God himself. We believe that raising them to have morals, values and to love others will make the world a better place. So you know all you mean people who want to start child bans? Well you know, I’m glad my kids will outlive people like you. Thank you for not having children yourself. That’s not the kind of legacy we want to reproduce.