How We Spent Our Commodity This Weekend

I have learned in the last few years that time is more of a commodity than money in my life.

When I first heard that statement, I didn’t agree with it. But then I realized how many times me and others will say or think, “can’t I just give you some money?” rather than take time out of life to do something for someone else. Or even for ourselves.

I can be really stingy with my time. And when my time is messed with, I get crabby. And when it is not spent the way I’d like to spend it, the same thing happens. Crabby Patty.

Time isn’t money. Is money time?

Whatever the case, my time feels like my currency these days. And my account “feels” constantly in the red. There is soooo much to do! I look around and see project after project begging for attention. But there’s just simply so little time to give to these things crying out. And are these things really important? How much do I really care that my yard looks awful right now? That the car is filthy? That there are Geotracks from one end of my basement to the other? That one shower is leaking and the other is just waiting to have tile installed so it can be used..for the first time EVER (by us at least).

Here’s where I have to take a step back and take a few deep breaths. I have to find some sense of the “big picture” and pull back into the scheme of eternity. I literally have to ask myself what matters and what doesn’t, which is more important in my list of priorities and what things I truly need to let go. It’s an ever-changing landscape for me requiring tweak after tweak.

The reality of the situation is that it is my spirit that is out of whack. My head and my heart and my body are each going in a different direction. No wonder I feel so much tension!

But there is good in this. There is good to focus on.

Good: This weekend, we finished painting our boys’ room. A friend came over, moved the gargantuan bunk beds and I trimmed and painted as fast and meticulously as a woman can work. I was so relieved when we moved everything around…and then we decided the bunk beds needed to be completely taken apart and rearranged…another time. We built book shelves, we organized toys, Legos were given special Rubbermaid containers just for them and we discovered the life-changing awesomeness that are the velcro command strips. Have you SEEN these things? We are determined never to use nails again! Who knew velcro could rock your world?

Good: We also spent a giant chunk of time at The Tile Shoppe torturing our sonshopping for new tile for our master bathroom shower. (We had a lot of fun listening to his whining; he was quite creative. At one point, he told us his whole body was so tired that it couldn’t move another step…except for his thumbs, so he could hold an X-box controller and his eyes; those things would still work. But not anything else on his body.)


You see, we have NEVER used our master bathroom shower. We bought this house in April of ’11 and STILL have not utilized it. Why? The genius previous owner who lived here was attempting to start a DIY career. He put marble tile showers in both bathrooms in this house. On first glance, they are BEAUTIFUL. And then, when you are taking a shower and you have nothing to look at but the walls, you see all the imperfections and mistakes. Whoops. One of which was the shelf he installed in the master bathroom. Basically, he did it wrong and it rotted out. So we removed the shelf and thus had to remove one row of tiles in the middle of the shower.

ready for tile and fixed “correctly”

It’s been so hard for us to make a decision on what kind of tile would look good in that empty row. We want something that works and flows with the marble tiles already in there and just acts as a nice accent. We don’t want it to match anything other than what is already there. So far we are leaning towards a pretty penny round that is off white with grey all around the edges of each round and then using a dark grout. We shall see when I pick up the sample this week how it looks. Be ready, I might need your votes. 😉

But the good in this is that we have a friend who has the tools and the know-how to do this stuff. So he has been helping us to do it right. (Mike Holmes would only be more proud if we took the whole thing down. So 1/2 way there…) Good.

Good: We finally sat down and wrote out a list of our little house projects and tried to prioritize them. We have the things that are bleeding and then the things that are just bruised and then the things that could use some attention. We dream big so it’s hard for us to do this without just flittering all over the place. We do so love to flitter.

So even though chocolate milk was spilled in my car this weekend, even though we have company coming from WA on Thursday, even though we are talking to the 5th roofing company in 3 months and even though my head, heart and body are in three different directions, there is good. There is blessing.

Now I must gather my head, my heart and my body and align them. And only Jesus can do that ladies and gentlemen.

Prioritizing that commodity…when will I remember what comes first?


Knock, Knock: Are You There Organization Fairy?

After moving 4 or 5 times in a matter of a few months, in a matter of a few years (such is Army life), I decided it takes me as a woman/homemaker roughly 2 years to “feel” settled. To feel like things are where they should be in the house and like each thing has a “home”. I keep reminding myself of this as we approach our one year anniversary in this house in the Lou. (Only 5 more days!)

You see, I unpacked the house one year ago with one goal in mind: get the boxes out as fast as possible. (I did it in two weeks-solo! With two children running around!)

there were boxes EVERYWHERE!

It didn’t matter where things went so much as that they were out of boxes. I could always reorganize later…that’s what I kept telling myself as I shoved and crammed stuff into every nook and cranny.

Once we finally were unpacked though, do you think I actually wanted to reorganize this place? HECK NO! I wanted to go outside and play! So I took a few months to recuperate and hoped my desire would creep in. It didn’t. Then we found out we were pregnant. Whoa. So now we have to reconfigure this entire place for a baby? AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

In my head, I was so not there. Add some hormones to that and it = lots of crying and phone calls to your best friend and your husband.

Nesting hormones have helped tremendously though. Good ol’ hormones, right ladies? We can always count on ’em to make us just sliiiiiiiightly nutty. Bill Cosby talked a lot about the crazy look we get in our eyes. Yeah….but it’s so darn productive.

Right now, our house feels like a bomb went off in it. To me. Just me. Little Miss Feely. There’s the “room of which we shall not speak” that I know will one day be the most fabulous place in my house. One day….you know, when we can actually open the door to get in there. Hoarders? WHAT?

And then there’s the whole we-just-moved-two-boys-into-one-small-bedroom thing we have going on. I cannot keep up with those little men! As soon as their room gets picked up and organized BAM! Some kind of tornado of destruction (named Chase) comes through and puts us back to where we started.

I fall into that organization trap where I THINK that what I need to organize is things to put other things into. But really, maybe I don’t need a basket or a shelf or a “system”, I just need a trash bag.

The Container Store® - The Original Storage and Organization Store®
Is there a happier place on Earth than the Container store? It whispers to me in my dreams...

Wasn’t there a time when kids had like 3 toys total? Can we go back there? I’m kidding…sorta.

Oh and by the way, speaking of organization traps, does it drive anyone else crazy when you go online looking for helpful hints for organizing and there is very little pertaining to small spaces? I have teeny-tiny closets, a small bedroom and even my pantry is tiny. There are no walk-in closets in this entire household. It drives me bonkers!

In the mean time, my sweet husband has endured my crazy and has been so kind in helping me and my organizational needs. I am seriously considering hiring a professional organizer after the baby comes and things are in some semblance of a routine. I know if I can somehow focus on one room at a time, I can accomplish what I desire.

Organization Fairy! I need you!

That and with the support of my loyal friend; the trashbag. Craigslist and Good Will, this is your year of love from the Nevil family!