Remember my little garden experiment? Well look how it has sprouted just since last Wednesday!!

I’m wondering how much longer I can leave them in those little thingies? Should I just transfer to yogurt cups soon? I wouldn’t want to squelch their growth…sweet little babies! But maybe I should give them more time. The picture on the box has them looking quite mature before I move them and begin the “hardening” process. You know….adjusting them to being outside in their happy little pots.

This is so exciting!


The Nevil Garden Experiment

I wouldn’t say I have a “green” thumb, but it isn’t black either…it’s somewhere floating in between. It usually depends on how lazy/involved I am with said plant and how busy my family is at the time! I’m especially prone to forgetting to water things. I think I’ll need to purchase a soaker hose soon and very soon…(or make my own!)

After 4 years of living in Washington state, I just fell in love with gardening. I love to watch things grow and make things beautiful. đŸ˜€ My friends in WA would always tease me because when we would all go somewhere I’d be taking pictures of flowers and nature while everyone else was taking pictures of people. My pretty blog header is from one of my pictures….

Our current yard is an ever evolving project. We moved in one year ago this April! The whole house, inside and out, had been neglected for several years. The soil in the yard is pretty much 100% compacted Missouri clay. Lovely. At least grass grows in it…. The yard has actually come along nicely. We severely cut things back this fall, so I’m praying the mild winter and early spring help move things back to life quickly so I can see how we fared.

A true in-the-ground-garden will have to wait until we have a little more time to amend the soil, aerate, get a plot and all that other good stuff. Maybe I’ll even find time to start a compost eventually! I have such lofty plans.

Despite my lofty plans and my lousy soil, I’ve decided to start small. Thanks to Pinterest, I’m trying my hand at container gardening!

The seedlings have been planted!

Today I planted a whole bunch of heirloom, non-gmo whatchamacall it organic seeds. I planted orange bell peppers, green bell peppers, red tomatoes (big ones) and mini-yellow pear tomatoes, cucumbers, mini-red bell peppers, and even some giant pumpkin seeds. The plan is to get them started inside, then move the operation outside to the back deck (or what’s left of it) when they are ready. The giant pumpkins and the cucumbers will most likely get planted in the ground (in some newly discovered raised beds we found under the deck…), but everything else I’m hoping can handle pots. We shall see how big they all get.

It should be an exciting journey! I hope by the end of the summer I’m harvesting all sorts of fresh veggies! I’m not so excited about the giant pumpkins…though the thought of selling them myself makes me reconsider. (Remember the $50 pumpkins I told you about in October? HOLY MOLY!) My children however are really pumped about growing their own pumpkins. Especially ones that are giant, or at least supposedly giant. The seeds were as big as my thumb people…

Stay tuned for our garden adventures!